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Judge Roy Moore is under attack and needs our help…

Judge Moore has been one of the strongest defenders of both our Constitution and our religious liberties we have seen in this country in many years. For the better part of two decades, Judge Moore — who is a personal friend — has stood against the secularist tide and boldly and bravely defended our liberties and our faith-based heritage, at great personal cost.

Now, Judge Moore needs our support.

I’m coming to you today because Judge Moore has once again stepped out at considerable personal risk by running for the U.S. Senate from Alabama, hoping to fill the seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions when he joined the Trump administration. Because he is such a threat to the GOP “establishment,” Judge Moore has come into the crosshairs of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other establishment Republicans!

Politico says McConnell has unleashed “the full force of his political machine” into Alabama in support of Moore’s opponent who is the chosen candidate of the RINO establishment. McConnell’s PAC has pledged to spend $8 million in Alabama to defeat Judge MooreAnd Karl Rove’s PAC is reportedly “in” for Moore’s opponent, and is dumping untold millions into the state to defeat Roy Moore.

+ + Here’s why this race is absolutely critical…

Unlike the RINO politicians who are all talk and no action, Roy Moore actually wants to restore our Constitution and actually drain The D.C. swamp! That’s why “the swamp” is working so hard to defeat him. We simply cannot let Mitch McConnell and establishment Republicans go unopposed in Alabama in their efforts to defeat Judge Moore and thereby further cement their power in the D.C. swamp!

Here’s what I’m asking you to do…

LCAction PAC — the official Political Action Committee for friends of the Liberty Counsel family of ministries — is launching an aggressive grassroots campaign to rally support for Judge Moore’s candidacy. I want to reach at least 2 million conservatives across the country and many tens of thousands in Alabama with this critical message to counter the establishment cronies who want to defeat Judge Moore and strengthen Mitch McConnell’s vice-grip hold on the “do nothing” RINO Senate.

The GOP primary runoff is September 26 — less than three weeks from today. I must launch our LCAction PAC efforts in the next 72 hours so we can make a powerful impact in these final weeks. But I cannot do so without your help.

Will you stand with me?

Please go here now to make your best possible gift to support LCAction PAC’s efforts in support of Roy Moore’s election as we oppose the efforts of Mitch McConnell and the RINO cronies in Alabama and other key battles across the country:

Help Us Fight The RINOs!

+ + Chuck Norris: “Roy Moore is the real deal.”

Many of the strongest voices in the conservative and Christian world are taking a stand with Judge Moore in this critical race, including: Mike Huckabee, Dr. James Dobson, Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty), and Chuck Norris, who said:

“Judge Roy Moore is the real deal. He’s tough, tested, and has a spine of steel…. The Washington establishment knows they won’t be able to count on him, but Alabama voters can.” —Chuck Norris

Again, this is the most important SHOWDOWN in the entire nation between the Washington establishment and grassroots Americans who want to see our nation and our liberties restored.

Judge Moore is taking a stand against the full-force of the GOP establishment. Let’s stand with him and win! Go here now to help LCAction PAC fight back against the attacks that are being leveled at a true American patriot and hero!

Thank you and God bless our nation!

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
LC Action PAC

P.S. Judge Roy Moore is a threat to McConnell and the GOP Establishment. That’ why they are flooding Alabama with millions of dollars to defeat him. Help LCAction PAC — your political action committee — fight back in Alabama and across the country as we work to restore our Constitution and defend our liberties. Go here:

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