State legislatures buckling to pro-homosexual pressure

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel.

Dozens of pro-homosexual organizations banded together to achieve the passage of California’s new law banning “change therapy.”  This outrageous and detrimental law undermines the rights of parents, children, and mental health professionals. The new law outlaws any counseling to help people overcome same-sex attractions.  It is an overreaching government intrusion into the personal decisions of parents and their children in obtaining meaningful counseling.  This discriminatory law mandates that counselors present just one view – that “same-sex attractions are normal and desirable.”  It literally puts Christian counselors in jeopardy of losing their licenses to practice!

Even though we are all engaged in activities related to the most important election of our lifetime, this new California law demands our immediate attention! This law must not be allowed to go into effect.  We need your support for our landmark litigation to STOP this blatantly pro-homosexual law!

Liberty Counsel will not accept this outrageous attack on the rights of Christian families and their counselors.

Earlier this year, I debated California Senator Ted Liu, who sponsored SB 1172, on national Public Radio (NPR).  Simply state, he showed astounding ignorance.

He says that after watching a TV program about someone who developed same-sex attractions, he then approached Equality California, a homosexual advocacy group, and was “excited” to sponsor the bill.  From there, dozens of other pro-homosexual groups joined in the lobbying efforts for the bill’s passage.  Liu shamelessly admits SB 1172 is designed to “interfere with the rights of parents,” because he thinks he knows what’s best for their children!

The California governor and legislature are putting their own preconceived notions and political ideology ahead of children and their rights to get access to counseling that meets their needs.

David Pruden, Vice President of Operations for the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), one of our clients in this case, told the Christian Post…  “While we will continued to fight for defeat of the bill and to seek national media exposure for this tragic loss of family and parental rights, the assembly was equally influenced by gay politics.”

Pro-homosexual groups, of course, are pushing for similar laws in several other states.

Liberty Counsel will not tolerate this outrage!

Liberty Counsel has filed an emergency lawsuit in federal court seeking to block the implementation of this misguided and dangerous law. 

Because California is our most populous state and is influential in legal matters, the outcome will ultimately affect every state in the Union.

Please, help us STOP this literal insanity!

Liberty Counsel’s Open Letter of Support declaring your endorsement of our lawsuit and the rights of parents, minors, and counselors will be sent the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) and the American Association for Christian Counselors.

Your endorsement and support will help us STOP the implementation of California’s unconstitutional law – and declares that you are united with Liberty Counsel in our landmark lawsuit to stop this act from ever being implemented.

Click here to sign the Open Letter of Support:

This bill will harm children, unduly stress families, and place counselors in a vicious catch-22.  The law defines “sexual orientation change efforts” as any practice that is designed to reduce or eliminate same-sex attraction.  Therapists have an ethical obligation to help clients deal with conflict. If a client is experiencing conflict between religious beliefs and same-sex attractions and wants to prioritize those beliefs over such attractions, the counselor is ethically obligated to directly help or refer for help.

Under this law, the counselor will be forced to disregard the client’s religious beliefs or change them. This bill and the ethical codes of all of the licensing boards in California are on an inevitable collision course. The licenses of countless mental health professionals hang in the balance.

This law actually recruits for the homosexual community while grossly discriminating against Christian families and counselors.

Americans must not stand for any state government usurping the individual rights of parents, children, or their counselors on such a personal matter! The battle to stop pro-homosexual legal activism is one of the most important fights in American history. I will argue this case in federal court before the end of this year and I will ask the court for an emergency court order to block this law.

Please, join us in fighting against this outrageous law before it spreads to other states.  Click here to sign the Open Letter of Support for Liberty Counsel’s lawsuit against this law:

And, please let me remind you that we can only fight these battles with your prayer and support.  Thank you and God bless you for standing with us!

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. If allowed to stand, this law could unleash battles in all the other 49 states! We cannot fight without your prayer and support!  Please help us continue our vital work on this case and many others by signing the Open Letter of Support. And please stand with the Liberty Counsel litigation team with financial support – today if at all possible.  Again, thank you!

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Bob Francis

Mar 26, 2013

This law could not be a bigger infringement on our freespeach. Counseling/Therapy is supposed to be a CONFIDENTIAL discussion between the Counselor/Therapist, and their patient. How can the State step in to block both moral, and ethical advise?

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