Hagel Fails in Senate vote – for now!

Mathew Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action.

Today’s failure to get the required 60 votes to force a vote on former Senator Chuck Hagel, President Obama’s pick to head the Department of Defense, has shown Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that opposition is significantly mounting against the President’s nominee.

Yesterday, Senate Republicans successfully forced a 60-vote threshold on the Hagel’s confirmation. Democrats had to find 60 “yes” votes for cloture (a motion to move to a vote of the full Senate) in order to push the Hagel confirmation forward.

That vote, which was expected on Friday, failed by two votes.

With a 55-45 majority in the senior Chamber, it means that Democrats still have to find one or two more Republicans to agree with them while holding all of their own caucus in line!

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called the Republican action “a shame.” Liberty Counsel Action calls it an answer to prayer and (finally) the Senate acting in the best interest of our nation!

The vote for cloture will happen again – if Senator Reid thinks he has enough votes to bring it up. That’s why your action to help STOP this dangerous nomination is so important!

Chuck Hagel’s confirmation would “send the wrong signal to our military… and the world…”

Susan Collins (R-ME), a moderate Republican who was previously expected to endorse her former colleague, made her surprising assessment about Hagel known yesterday…

In my judgment, Islamist terrorism, a nuclear-armed North Korea and potentially a nuclear-armed Iran, an unstable and chaotic Middle East, cyber attacks, Chinese provocations, and budget constraints will likely consume the attention of our country’s national security leaders during the next four years.

I believe a vote in favor of Senator Hagel would send the wrong signal to our military, the American people, and to the world about America’s resolve regarding the most important national security challenges of our era.

I am unable to support Senator Hagel to be the next Secretary of Defense because I do not believe his past positions, votes, and statements match the challenges of our time, and his presentations at his hearing did nothing to ease my doubts.”

Liberty Counsel Action reached that conclusion on the same day the notoriously anti-Israel Chuck Hagel was nominated!

This is our opportunity to stop the Hagel confirmation that would send the wrong signal to everyone – except Iran, whose leaders endorsed Hagel!

Thousands of Liberty Counsel team members have barraged the Senate with over 50,000 faxes. LCA has also stimulated an uncountable number of phone calls into Senate offices.

I believe our actions have emboldened many senators to take a principled stand against one of their own. And our efforts have had a great impact on this battle!

That’s why I am urging you to tell your two Senators – and other key members of the Senate – to REJECT Hagel once and for all.

If the Democrats get 60 votes for cloture, Chuck Hagel’s confirmation will certainly pass along party lines. That’s why we must ensure that the 60 vote threshold will not be reached – effectively killing the Hagel nomination!

Please join in the highly effective Liberty Counsel Action Fax Barrage of the Senate right away! Your faxes will be immediately sent to your selected Senators. Everything you need to send your faxes is one click away!

We are also calling for the Senate to deny Barack Obama’s nomination to become the next CIA Director.

John Brennan was nominated by President Obama to be the next CIA Director to work in conjunction with Hagel to advance the badly misguided ideology on foreign policy.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is now being joined by other Senators in threatening to block both Hagel’s and Brennan’s confirmation votes until they get answers from the White House on the attacks in Benghazi, Libya, that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

As the opposition to Hagel’s confirmation – and now Brennan’s – continues to mount, we must continue our efforts in opposing President Obama’s nomination of Chuck Hagel for the office of Secretary of Defense and John Brennan as CIA Director!

Hagel and Brennan aren’t just the wrong choices for America – they are dangerous choices.

Can I count on you to join us with a fax salvo opposing these nominees? Click here to immediately send your faxes!

God bless you for your faithfulness,

Mathew Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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Patricia L Silman

Feb 25, 2013

Please promote the sanctity of the Boy Scouts of America to not allow those known to be gay to invade our young boys. Please, we need to start here with our youth. If we do not start here, our youth will forever be in contrast with God's commandments. Like a stop light; instructions are to prevent confusion. The Bible has the answers. We can love gay people without allowing them to work in the development of our childern. Let them start their own group, those that support this invasion. Please, our childern are our most important assets. Let's raise them to be happy. Allowing them in influential roles is a mistake; it goes against God's word, and in addition they know. A girl has a V----- and a boy has a P----. Really it is that simple. I know straight people who have tried the gay sex. Some become addicted. Some return after a while, but their life is damaged. Please lets protect the innocent. Do not allow another Row vs Wade in this country that has relied on God as our leader. Patricia L Silman 573-757-7554


Feb 27, 2013

Please fight to keep our boys from this abomination in the sight of God,called homo sexuality.

Carolyn Partlow

Feb 27, 2013

Please do not let the homosexuals invade the Boy Scouts of the United States and the world. They need strong models for marriage and family. God gave us the one man and one woman heads of the family, and that the homosexual way of life is wrong. Stand up Christians and stop the invasion of our young people! Letting the homosexuals into the Girl Scouts organization was a bad mistake. I hope we can overturn that mistake. Pray! and act!

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