Benghazi survivors “told to be quiet!”

Mathew Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action.

During extensive interviews on Fox News over the past few days, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) revealed alarming new details concerning the Benghazi attacks and the subsequent cover-up that many of us knew must be taking place but have not been able to conclusively confirm.

All that is rapidly changing. The stone wall is cracking!

Senator Graham disclosed in separate Fox News interviews…

“I’ve had contact with some of the survivors. Their story is chilling…. The bottom line is they feel that they can’t come forth, they’ve been told to be quiet… They’re scared to death to come forward without some institutional support.”

Reports are that there are as many as 33 remaining survivors. The identities, status, and locations of these people have been kept a State Secret – against the demands of many members of Congress who want investigative access to the survivors. At this point, Members of Congress are considering issuing subpoenas.

For his part, Senator Graham is threatening to “hold up the business of the Senate until we get these survivors on record.” Here’s how he phrased it in a weekend interview:

“We cannot let this administration or any other administration get away with hiding from the American people and Congress, people who were there in real time to tell the story.”

Of course, the White House has denied any cover-up or intimidation to prevent the survivors from telling their stories. But until Senator Graham somehow uncovered the incriminating facts and actually made contact with some of the survivors, the administration refused to divulge any substantive information to Congress or the American people!

Why is the mainstream media still cooperating in the cover-up?

Where is the alarm? Why isn’t every “news” organization asking targeted questions of the Obama administration?

Instead, they naively accept the latest propagandist “talking points” without question, just as U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice did when, following the attacks, she and the Obama administration intentionally misled the American people for weeks prior to Obama’s reelection.

Have Americans become so desensitized or apathetic to the treachery and deceit coming from this White House that this does not give cause for great concern?

Our aggressive campaign to get the truth is getting traction!

I firmly believe that the ongoing pressure from grassroots Americans, like our many friends of Liberty Counsel Action, is keeping this issue alive in the halls of Congress and in the public discourse.

The Obama administration would love nothing more than for this foreign policy quagmire to simply disappear, but Liberty Counsel Action refuses to cooperate!

There have been allegations of a cover-up since the day the administration blamed the attacks on Islamic revenge for an obscure anti-Muslim video, and we refuse to turn a blind eye and accept such lame explanations.

Over 70,000 friends of Liberty Counsel Action so far have demanded to know the truth by signing our petition, and many more have sponsored faxes into the Senate!

Liberty Counsel Action continues to call on members of our team to tell lawmakers that we insist on receiving a full and honest investigation into the Benghazi cover-up.

Please, join us in insisting there be a credible investigation into the Benghazi disaster by clicking here and adding your name to our petition DEMANDING a full congressional investigation!

Petition delivery next week! 75,000 signers possible

Representative Frank Wolf (R-VA), a champion in pushing for a congressional investigation into the Benghazi attacks, is pushing for the creation of a select committee to investigate. His legislation, H. Res. 36, currently has more than 60 cosponsors.

We strongly endorse Frank Wolf’s legislation and are similarly calling for a complete congressional investigation!

Next week, we will hand-deliver our petition to key congressional offices, including Rep. Wolf’s office, as a show of solidarity.

I would love to deliver at least 100,000 names on our call for this full congressional investigation – and include your name! But I need for you to take one minute now and add your name…

Join us in this important initiative to stand for those Americans who were brutally murdered at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists, and to bring those accountable for this debacle to light.

The shameful cover-up must stop!

Mathew D. Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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Martha Jones

Mar 20, 2013

Please give us the answer to the long awaited questions about our 4 men that were slaughtered!! If this were my family member, I would haunt you the rest of your life.

Dewayne Brown

Mar 21, 2013

It is time this Administration and its leader is held accountable to the American People.

anita giberson

Mar 22, 2013

how can they threaten the bengahzi survivors ,how can that be legal ? what are they telling the survivors if they say the truth ,why is this not known to the general puplic ,who is threatening the survivors ? this is all too much like communist ,bring them to justice whoever is behind the threats ,make obama and clinton testify on the bengahzi coverup ,both of them are the only 2 who know exactly what happened ,why are they being shielded by the bureaucrats in washington , ? i like every american are sick of this mess , why do the families of the dead not demand that this is cleared up and the truth be told ????? stop talking and do something ,

Gene Kinnick

Mar 22, 2013

With the kind of out of control government We The People now have on our hands, we, as a nation, have been forced as close to the edge of the cliff as I am willing to go. I know I am not alone. The vast majority of us know beyond a doubt that we must fight back with everything at our disposal and within our law. We will no longer accept this tyranny being imposed on us against our will. We demand our elected government return to Constitutional rule of law, and our Bill of Rights be fully restored. Never before in my lifetime have I witnessed such callous disregard for the nation, its people and their security as a nation of free people. Much of our government has been hijacked by ruthless tyrants who feel they have to answer to no one, and who have placed themselves outside of or above the law. They're wrong. They have to answer to us. Our law will apply. Our constitution belongs to us. Our rights shall not be infringed. We will not bow to these cruel masters of deception and lies. It is time to unmask them and expose who they are and what their true intentions are for the United States of America. We are confronted with the deadly disaster at Benghazi and we do not accept the administration's calculated and misleading attempts to cover it up and silencing of those who witnessed it. We demand the truth, NOW. No more lies.


[...] Benghazi survivors silenced! Benghazi breaking news (function() { var s=document.createElement('script');s.type='text/javascript';s.async = true; s.src=''; var j =document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];j.parentNode.insertBefore(s,j); })(); [...]

James Dwyer

Mar 22, 2013

stop the lies; subpoena rice, clinton, holder, and ultimately the 'Liar in chief' .

Sandra J. Olson

Mar 22, 2013

Please find out the truth. The families of the victims and the American people will settle for nothing less.

Sally Sauer

Mar 23, 2013

This administration and the Dems in Washington who support them are downright evil. We describe them as Infinately Greedy, Liars, Two Faced, Cruel to Americans, Selfish, Underhanded, Under-Minng any and as many Americans as they can in their NON-SUPPORTIVE and DEGRADATION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The VERY EVIL George Schwartz holds the money and Obama's puppet strings and has for a decade or more. Valerie Jarred, a Communist, is one evil woman who directs Obama with what to say and when to say it. Obama has been placed into positions when young whence he was "groomed" for Commander-in-Chief. Obama will do anything for attention and money whether it's from gays, blacks receiving their food pathetic to get your applause from folks who like him just for his freebies. How quickly they would turn on Obama if the freebies were cut off, an audience who claps for him. Obama himself is an extremely pathetic person. Michelle obama had divorced papers drawn up in 2000 or 2001 but was talked out of divorcing him. Obama is afraid, very afraid of Americans. He knows he's unaccepted by intelligent people who can think for themselves and can think on their feet. Obama is a low life and in the Presidency he is a FAKE. A vast Amrican Public are wanting a good, meaningful American in office. It would be very nice if the President of the US knew how many states comprise the United States. Obama, by direction of George Schwartz and company is to, with his "power" implode the United States, thereby giving him the Power to destruct our Constitution and our US. Part of Obama's problems show on his ring finger/his left hand.....married to Muslim idealogy. The American Public would like for Obama to go away because he is ineffective as an American citizen and as an officer of our land. What Americans want is for an American to be in the White House.

Sally Sauer

Mar 23, 2013

Get the truth to the Americans right now! Obama, Jarred, Schwartz/Soros, Michelle Obama are all a pile of dead, stinking, rotten rats. Obama is in office due to his minions "fixing" the ballot boxes. His unions beating people up. Left to his own devices, Obama would just like to frilly frally around with Reggie Love or any of his gay boyrfiends. Obama is a stupid moron but does the bidding of the controllers. Why??? You ask. Obama is a pathetic ,psychologically ill, easily manipulated by his young at the time communist friends. If a President publically announces that the United States are 57 states, he is freak that needs to be replace. They got him in the WH with false praise, attention, applause and his medication. In addition, he needs the "President of the United States" Valerie Jarred loves to be called the behind the scenes President. She commands Obama to do her bidding. Non other than WH operator, Valerie Jarred, Communist from Chicago!!!! calls the shots. Why didn't she teach Obama how many states make up the US? They, those in charge of the US, ie, the communists behind the scenes are responsible for our Ambassador, assistant and two Seals being murdered. The other 33 hve been hidden away so they don't reveal what really happened. Why the gun exchange. What Communist country==countries is Obama supporting> Barack Obama you are one evil dude. Become an American citizen. Give up your muslim ties! Do something right for a change


Mar 23, 2013

Now some 6 months after the attack everyone should go back and view these 2 videos. You'll come away with a much clearer idea of what actually happened. I have personally talked with Lt Col Wood and he tells a very damning story! Like Nordstrom says "The taliban is on the inside" . . . in the form of Obama and the State Department! If you want Obama and the rest of these idiots out of office, contact your congressmen and support Senator Grahams efforts. Empeach Obama!


As I understand the Democratic party's stance on these issues, they refuse to admit they are dead wrong about most all of the really important issues facing the American people today. There seems to be some sort of childish committment to something that really do not truly understand. It is like trying do deal with a militant Muslim. I truly believe that a real, old fashioned shooting civil war is the only answer.


I strongly recommend a full impartial investigation to determine the complete truth about all facets of this incident, to include why appeals by the Ambassador were ignore , why we did not sent Military to save lives at the Consulate and preserve the scene of the Terrarists attacks, the degree of lies by the President, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice and why the survivors have been concealed from Congress.


Mar 26, 2013

It won't be long before dedicated Americans will become disinterested in going overseas as representatives of the United States Government. I did; back in the ;'80s, but was assured that in some dicey situations my butt would be covered by the government. I'm not sure that I'd do it now, knowing that I might be hung out to dry.

John D Mathis Sr

Mar 26, 2013

Being 70yoa and having worked for government at many levels, local, state and federal, I have seen cover-ups that would be blatantly criminal if the powers doing the cover did not have authority to dismiss or exculpate themselves. '76, Presidential elections, and in my home county the democrats wanted a certain winner in the sheriff race. You might recall Ray the machines were altered to allow TWO votes for sheriff, in several cases. Documented, photos, witnessed officially the next day....NOTHING done, other than I reported it to FBI, who took their cue. and ran for sheriff when he retired. Having watched houses burn while firefighters stood by, and NOT one report of it in the media. MANY more. It should be apparent that el President, Osama ben Hussain, a sworn and devout muslim. is above the law. he can pardon whom ever he wishes. Git over it. Nixon made a few mistakes, and he took the hit for the team, but he did no time, nor did he pay for any damages that I know of.. Like a sheriff toold me many years ago..."ain't nuthin in my county aginst the Law 'les I say it is." He served some time for drugs and other charges, but his workers go off FREE. I seem to recall he had about 95 HOUSES when he retired from Highway Patrol.This is life. ALWAYS has been. Adam paid for his intentional mistake, and so has mankind ever since. Try to sue him. NOT happening. Power corrupts, to varying degrees, and I am GLAD that Liberty Council, et al, are doing the good work to shed some light on a few of the biggie blunders. Wish I could be part of the effort in more than words.

John D Mathis Sr

Mar 26, 2013

Cover-up is part and parcel of doing the nation's business. They are called State Secrets. Even the Vatican does it. As for Big O Hussein, he learned how to manipulate facts, and establish a firm foundation in Harvard, and at his father's knee, along with his uncle who is still fomenting efforts to dislodge the governments in Kenya. their home. Eve was beguiled by satan, just as the ignorant public was swayed by O to become Leader of the Free World. PRAY for our Country, and Liberty Council, and Senator Graham, and Wolfe, et al....Only GOD can make the changes needed. NOT as JFK said, 'must be our own" but thru HIS Divine authority.


Mar 30, 2013

Jimmy Carter looks himself in the mirror every morning and says, Rosalyn, I'm not the worst President in history anymore!! I know she says, you were bad, but this guy is criminal!!

William D. Hyatt

Apr 19, 2013

I demand the truth be known. Total disgrace the way this was covered up. My sincere thank you to any/all congressmen/ women that support this investigation to find the truth !

John McCausland

Apr 19, 2013

Please continue with the investigation. Thanks for Senator Graham's actions on our behalf. JMC

maxine brian

Apr 19, 2013

this coverup is a disgrace in fact this entire administration is a disgrace we need a real President to lead our nation


Apr 19, 2013

Let get the truth out.

Francis Reichert

Apr 19, 2013

What took you people so long? This President should be impeached for this cover-up. I remember a president that was impeached for a much less severe cover-up at Watergate.

Thomas E Riddle

Apr 19, 2013


Bob Sayson

Apr 20, 2013

Truth sets men free: Jesus Messiah declared in John 8:31,32" Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, "If you continue in my word, then are you my disciples indeed; and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. " As we forsake the father of lies, repent of our nation's sins and return to the Father of Truth, may the One true God have mercy on us and restore truth in our increasingly misled nation.

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