Tell your senators to reject John Brennan!

Mathew Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action.


In the legal community, a judge, jury member, or attorney must recuse themselves from a case if there is the potential of conflict of interest.

It is a general principle of law that when acting on behalf of an individual or organization as an administrator, attorney, executor, corporate officer, or trustee, full disclosure must be made if there is any potential of a conflict of interest.

Yet, the Obama administration and the Senate under Harry Reid’s leadership regularly turn a blind eye toward overt conflicts of interest as long as the perpetrators are marching in lockstep with the administration’s agenda!

Last night the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence approved the nomination of John Brennan as CIA Director, sending him to the full Senate for a vote scheduled later this week.

John Brennan has a huge conflict of interest as a nominee to this position.  He has been greatly influenced by Islamic thinking and religious expression during his prolonged service in the Middle East… making his judgment very suspect when it comes to properly evaluating radical Islamic threats to our national security.

Here is a short list of important issues in this regard…

*John Brennan, as Chief Counter terrorism Advisor under Barack Obama, initiated policy changes to usher   in compliance to Islamic sensibilities by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security – including creating training programs designed to appease Muslims.
*He is a former CIA station chief in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
*He traveled the Middle East as a college student in the 1970’s. During his travels, he said, “I learned about the   goodness, beauty of Islam.” It is alleged by an ex-FBI Agent that Brennan made a conversion to Islam during this period.
*More recently, he called Islamic jihad a “legitimate tenet of Islam” and has argued that the term “jihadists” should not be used to describe America’s enemies.

Now, John Brennan is potentially going to be confirmed as the head of our intelligence community during the ongoing War on Terror. He will most assuredly determine the way in which the CIA assesses the threat of any enemy with Islamic ties – as he has already done with the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

There are rumblings that Senate Republicans will attempt to filibuster the vote.  We hope they do and succeed in such an effort.

Until then, every United States Senator should know that Liberty Counsel Action strongly opposes the confirmation of John Brennan as the next CIA Director!

We have a few short days to impact this vote. 

That’s why we must oppose Brennan with every tool available to us in these final hours!  We cannot allow John Brennan’s confirmation without putting up strong resistance!

FIRST, please utilize Liberty Counsel’s powerful Fax Barrage system to tell the Senate to REJECT JOHN BRENNAN as CIA Director.  Even if you have already sent faxes for this effort, please click here now to send more.

Everything you need to fax the Senate is one click away.

SECOND, please call your senators’ offices as soon as possible and tell them that you believe that John Brennan’s ties with Islam amount to an intolerable conflict of interest as head of the CIA – and that he is the wrong man to be heading up our intelligence community in these highly challenging times.

Just imagine if President Franklin Roosevelt had nominated a Nazi sympathizer as the head of our intelligence community during World War II.

Yet, President Barrack Obama, while engaged in the War on Terror which was initiated by radical Muslim organizations, has chosen a proven Islamic sympathizer, John Brennan, to head our Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)!

Please take action today. Time may be limited if the Republican senators fail in their attempts to delay the vote – or if they strike a deal to allow the vote to proceed at the pace the White House and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid desire.

Hold your senators accountable – and fax them today!
Then, call Capitol Hill if you’re able to do so.

Once again, President Obama has proven that he has no intention of putting America’s best interests above his own agenda.

It will take a huge volume of protest to show senators that a vote for Brennan will not be in their best political interest.

We can still stop this confirmation if we work together!  Please, click here to make your voice heard!

Thank you, as always, for taking immediate action on this critical issue!

God bless you,
Mathew Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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