Are you willing to be called a “bigot”? (LCAction)

From the Desk of Mat Staver:

The recent Supreme Court rulings on laws pertaining to same-sex “marriage” have re-energized the pro-homosexual community and created a backlash against those of us who are willing to stand against the immoral upheaval destroying our nation.

Those of us who believe that marriage is a God-ordained union of one man and one woman, and who are willing to speak out and act on that belief, are increasingly being demonized by radical agitators. We must fight back or give in to our adversaries’ deceitful characterizations.

Last week I told you that the rulings of the Supreme Court on same-sex “marriage” had opened up a Pandora’s Box of consequences, both intended and unintended.

Based on the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which for many years defined marriage as a union between one man and one woman, regulations against abhorrent behavior other than same-sex relations are now also at risk.

Although the Justices came short of redefining marriage, legal challenges against laws on the books regulating marriage are already flooding courts across the nation.

Now, the newly empowered pro-homosexual lobby is launching initiatives to…

- Overturn laws state-by-state to allow same-sex marriage;
- Promote same-sex “marriage” in public schools as having parity with natural marriage;
- Pass “hate speech” legislation designed to silence anyone who speaks out against a lifestyle that God’s Word calls an abomination.

We are now facing the possibility that the Supreme Court rulings will result in…

- Increased penalties and expanded criteria for “hate speech”;
- Lawsuits against faith-based institutions that oppose same-sex “marriage” with defendants like religious hospitals, charities, or adoption agencies;
- Situations in which non-profit organizations opposing same-sex “marriage” will face loss of their IRS status and charters;
- Businesses, such as wedding professionals, who refuse to do business with same-sex partners, will face fines or lawsuits;
- Churches and pastors being in the activists’ crosshairs and clergy being forced to perform same-sex “marriage” ceremonies or lose their licenses.
- Polygamy and other aberrant relationships qualifying as “marriages” as radicals press for more ground.

I am deeply saddened to report that there is evidence that all of the above-mentioned radical initiatives are imminent.

As you know, Liberty Counsel is also engaged in a battle to rid the State of California of their “Change Therapy” law, which forces all counselors to acknowledge homosexuality as a viable lifestyle – and prohibits any change therapy, even if their client desires it.

Writing for the majority, Justice Anthony Kennedy labeled those who oppose same-sex “marriage” as oppressors and selfish bigots.

Are you willing to be called a “bigot” for believing that God’s law defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman? Are you willing to be accused of a “hate crime” for speaking out in favor of natural marriage?

We are at a critical crossroads in the history of our nation… and Liberty Counsel Action is on the front lines fighting for the moral integrity of our nation and culture.

I believe that this battle against well-funded homosexual zealots will be fought in the courts and legislatures for years to come.

They have a five-year plan – as do we.  We will counter their moves every step of the way as they seek to put our nation on a path to social disaster.

Would you consider a special gift to Liberty Counsel Action as we move forward on our initiatives to defend marriage?  We must be prepared to do battle in the court of public opinion and legislatures all over our nation!  Please, go here to help.

Also, please help us spread the word!  For those of you on Facebook, we now have a Marriage Solidarity page for you to “Like” and share with your social network.

Above all, don’t give up for natural, God-ordained marriage in our society.  This battle is FAR from being over!

Together, we can make a difference in our nation. Together, we can change our nation’s course. Please, for the sake of our nation, our communities, and your own family, don’t lose heart in this historic battle!

I hope you’ll give a special gift today to help us fight on behalf of natural marriage.  Go here to help.

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Jul 10, 2013

Never once in Kennedy's opinion was the word 'bigot' used. Your intellectual dishonesty is why you are losing, Mr. Staver. Perhaps your conscience needs a good cleaning?

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