36,000 new reasons for impeachment (LCAction)

From the Desk of Mat Staver;
Liberty Counsel Action.

May 14, 2014

Americans’ lives have been placed in jeopardy by a lawless president.

Last year, the Obama administration knowingly released murderers, sexual predators, and drunk drivers… 36,000 criminal offenders who cumulatively committed over 88,000 crimes. They were illegal immigrants scheduled for deportation but ordered released.  impeachobama-cutout-fb

Representative Lamar Smith declared, “This would be considered the worst prison break in American history, except it was sanctioned by the President and perpetrated by our own immigration officials.”

The Obama administration knowingly placed the lives of American citizens in jeopardy in favor of releasing illegal immigrants who had been convicted of tens of thousands of crimes and were scheduled for deportation.

CBS News reported the shocking details this way…

“The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released 36,007 convicted criminal aliens last year who were awaiting the outcome of deportation proceedings, according to a report issued Monday by the Center for Immigration Studies.

The group of released criminals includes those convicted of homicide, sexual assault, kidnapping and aggravated assault, according to the report, which cites a document prepared by the ICE.

A majority of the releases were not required by law and were discretionary, the organization says.”

According to the report, the 36,007 individuals released represented nearly 88,000 convictions, including:

•193 homicide convictions
•426 sexual assault convictions
•303 kidnapping convictions
•1,075 aggravated assault convictions
•1,160 stolen vehicle convictions
•9,187 dangerous drug convictions
•16,070 drunk or drugged driving convictions
•303 flight escape convictions

Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX) issued a strong statement in reaction to this alarming news.

As reported by Breitbart… “These criminal immigrants should have been deported to ensure that they could never commit crimes on U.S. soil. But instead, ICE officials chose not to detain them and instead released them back onto American streets.

Obama administration officials want the American people to think these individuals were guilty of minor, petty offenses. But the convictions tell a chilling story.

There should be no discussion of reforming our nation’s immigration laws until the President enforces the laws currently on the books.

The safety of the American people should be the President’s top priority. We need a President who follows the law and deports criminal immigrants who violate our laws and endanger our lives.”

The call for impeachment has been reignited across our nation!

We now have 36,007 more reasons for the impeachment of President Barack Obama for high crimes and misdemeanors!

President Obama’s willful dismissal of our nation’s laws as passed by Congress and his practice of “deeming” which laws he chooses to change, ignore, or enforce is an egregious violation of his obligation under the Constitution to faithfully execute the laws of the land.

Every patriotic citizen should be incensed by the unconstitutional actions of President Barack H. Obama and his administration.

Today, I am calling on you and tens of thousands of Liberty Counsel Action patriots to add your voices to the growing number of outraged citizens who are demanding that the House of Representatives draft Articles of Impeachment against President Obama!

Click here to sign the petition calling for the Articles of Impeachment to be drafted.

“The legacy of Barack Obama will be of the establishment of lawlessness in the United States.”

You may recall, several months ago Congresswoman Michele Bachmann pulled no punches in an interview about the unconstitutional actions of the President of the United States…

“My opinion is, the legacy of Barack Obama will be of the establishment of lawlessness in the United States. And that doesn’t portend well for the future of the United States. What we have given the world… is the idea that all men are under the law, that no one is above the law.”

As reported by CNSNews, the Congresswoman’s outspoken remarks were made at a “Conversations with Conservatives” conference…

“He announced to the nation he wasn’t going to faithfully execute the laws of the land.

And now judges are taking their cues from the White House and that’s a very adversarial precedent that’s being set for the future of law and security in the United States.

So we’ve completely gone askew from what the Founders bled and died and fought for, and that was to have a limited government under a written Constitution, not an unwritten, ever-evolving living letter that becomes whatever anyone wants at any moment, but it actually means something.”

As a constitutional attorney, I am deeply concerned about the Obama administration’s assault on our system of checks and balances and its continual pressure on Congress to compliantly bend to its will. I am appalled at the President’s overt arm-twisting and outright domination of the legislative and legal processes. This latest egregious action endangers Americans all across our nation.

It is our solemn duty as free Americans to throw off such tyranny.  Liberty Counsel Action is calling on the House of Representatives to draft Articles of Impeachment against Barack H. Obama for his blatant lawlessness.

Join us by adding your voice to the growing number of outraged citizens who are demanding that our elected representatives force this lawless administration to stop usurping the power of the American people and decimating our founding documents!

We demand that the House of Representatives listen to our voice and draft Articles of Impeachment against President Obama.

Click here to add your name.

Thank you for recognizing your duty as an American citizen and acting upon that duty! And, please share this email with your friends so they, too, can sign the petition.

Mathew Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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