$69 MILLION hidden offshore! (Liberty Counsel)

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has stashed a stunning $69 million in funds in unaccountable, offshore accounts, giving it access to a massive financial treasure trove that can be deployed any way they choose.

Last week, we learned about the SPLC’s ongoing practice of stockpiling funds in offshore accounts. But then the news broke that at least $69 million has been moved to such accounts!

The fact is, SPLC hides behind a cloak designed to make it appear to be the official arbiter of “hate” in America, when in fact, SPLC is a vast, partisan enterprise with hundreds of millions of dollars at its disposal it can use to attack pro-faith and pro-family groups like Liberty Counsel.

And make no mistake: Liberty Counsel is at the center of the crosshairs of the SPLC’s attack campaign!

As you know, over the past few weeks, our legal team has been working overtime to push back against SPLC-inspired attacks. We have seen our website blocked. We were openly labeled a “hate group” by one of the leading clearinghouses of information on non-profit organizations. CNN blindly echoed the SPLC propaganda and listed us as a hate group. And each of these attacks has been an extension of the SPLC’s outrageous “hate group” list.

On top of this, SPLC’s lawyers are leading a major lawsuit against both Liberty Counsel and me personally that is designed to defame and destroy our organization! Why are we such a threat to SPLC? I believe it’s because Liberty Counsel has the best body of research and the most experienced and engaged legal team for exposing and defeating them! We threaten their incendiary “fake hate” strategy!

This fall is critical as we expect this to be one of the most aggressive seasons of litigation in our history.

Will you help us fight back against the SPLC so we can once-and-for-all expose and defeat their “fake hate” attack strategy against people of faith? Please go here to make your best tax-deductible contribution to help us fight SPLC and continue other vital efforts? Go here:
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The SPLC pretends to be the arbiter of hate. The liberal media willingly plays along and promotes their lies about Liberty Counsel and other pro-faith, pro-family organizations. But we have the TRUTH on our side! All we need is faithful friends like you standing by our side. Please take a moment right now to consider how you can help. And then go here to make your best possible gift.

God bless,

Mat Staver

P.S. Why has the SPLC moved $69 million to offshore accounts? This question must be answered! We must expose SPLC’s true agenda and defeat their legal assault on Liberty Counsel. Please help.

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Source: http://www.weeklystandard.com/the-southern-poverty-law-center-has-69-million-parked-overseas/article/2009553