A clear and present danger (Liberty Counsel)

According to an eye-popping report by the Daily Caller, Silicon Valley titans Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Twitter are now all employing the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hate Group” list in their censorship and/or policing of organizations!The expanded influence of the SPLC presents a clear and present danger to us and other pro-family organizations labeled by the SPLC as a “Hate Group!”

The “Hate Group” label leads to violence. By falsely and recklessly labeling Christian ministries as “hate groups,” the SPLC is directly responsible for the motivation of a man who intended to commit mass murder against a Christian policy organization in Washington, D.C.

On August 15, 2012, Floyd Corkins went to the Family Research Council with a gun and a bag filled with ammunition. His stated purpose was to kill as many employees of the Family Research Council as possible. Corkins was stopped by the security guard, who was shot in the process. Later, Corkins admitted to the court that he learned of the Family Research Council by reading the SPLC’s hate map.

Now, the influence of the SPLC’s malicious labeling is rising at a distressing rate!

The SPLC is engaged in an aggressive public relations campaign to destroy the reputation of the groups they have maligned as “Hate Groups” by recruiting major companies into blacklisting them or policing their messaging. The danger of tech titans Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Twitter joining with the radical SPLC is alarming.

Because of being listed on the SPLC’s “Hate Group” list:

Further, Liberty Counsel has been blacklisted from Amazon’s “Smile” program that directs funds to charitable organizations from a list generated by Amazon. Amazon Smile supports nearly 1 million charities, but not Liberty Counsel because we are among the organizations targeted by the SPLC’s outrageous list.

Liberty Counsel was labeled on GuideStar’s website as being on the SPLC’s “Hate Group” list. GuideStar is another influential subscriber to the SPLC’s “Hate List.” GuideStar is generally recognized as the world’s largest source of information on non-profit organizations.

Liberty Counsel recently filed a brief at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit against GuideStar. We believe GuideStar’s strategy is in lockstep with the SPLC’s stated goal of Morris Dees, the Founder and Chief Trial Counsel for the SPLC:

“Right now, [the SPLC is] cutting off hate groups from sources of financing by pushing digital companies like Amazon not to allow hate groups to use their services.”

Diminishing Liberty Counsel’s donor and revenue base in order to cripple us is the goal of the SPLC and GuideStar.

+ + It’s been a challenging year with no end in sight! 

Right now Liberty Counsel legal engagement against GuideStar is concurrent with defending against a costly legal attack on Liberty Counsel in which SPLC lawyers are serving as lead counsel. And, we are fighting back against the SPLC’s other efforts to defame us in the public square!

The bottom line is, we need your support!

June is Liberty Counsel’s fiscal year-end. The increased demands on our litigation efforts coupled with the escalating attacks being waged against our organization have created an enormous drain on our resources. 

Thankfully, a generous friend of Liberty Counsel has offered a $50,000 Challenge Grant to help us close out our fiscal year on better financial footing. That means that every tax-deductible dollar you give this month will effectively be doubled in impact by the $50,000 Challenge Grant.

Can I count on you to help turn that $50,000 into a much-needed $100,000?

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+ + The SPLC attributes three reasons for labeling Liberty Counsel as a hate group:

First, Liberty Counsel has defended marriage and the religious belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.

Second, Liberty Counsel has criticized “hate crime” legislation for punishing a defendant’s thoughts rather than centering criminal justice on the actual injury suffered by a victim.

Finally, Liberty Counsel recognizes the human dignity of those who have changed their unwanted same-sex sexual attractions or behavior. Unlike the SPLC, Liberty Counsel does not marginalize their experience or demean the sincerity of their testimony.

We simply cannot allow anti-faith and anti-family bullies to demean, discredit, and silence us! We must aggressively fight back.

Thank you!

Yours for Liberty,

Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. The SPLC’s “Hate Group” designation represents a clear and present danger. I simply will not allow any anti-faith, anti-family group to demean or attack pro-faith, pro-family individuals and organizations. That’s why we filed the lawsuit to stop GuideStar’s slanderous and defamatory “hate group” designation. But I need your help to meet the Challenge Grant. Thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration!

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