A new day dawning in America (Liberty Counsel)

Mat Staver,
Liberty Counsel

Today, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the High Court effective July 31, 2018. President Trump followed the announcement by saying that his next nominee will be chosen from a list of 25 candidates he’s already compiled.

Changing the makeup of the Supreme Court is the reason why many people voted for President Donald Trump. With Justice Kennedy’s retirement, the next Justice will have a huge impact on the future of America. A new day is dawning in America. I look forward to having a Justice who will respect and apply the original text and meaning of the Constitution.

The news of Justice Kennedy’s retirement now empowers President Trump to bring about a new era in the makeup of the United States Supreme Court.

Kennedy, 81, has held the most important seat on the Court for more than a decade because he has been the swing vote on issues ranging from abortion and affirmative action to same-sex unions and capital punishment, often siding with the Court’s more liberal justices.

On June 26, 2015, Justice Kennedy in a 5-4 vote authored the opinion that struck down marriage laws and ushered in nationwide marriage between two people of the same sex. Chief Justice John Roberts strongly criticized this opinion, stating it was not based on the Constitution or the Court precedents and was merely the imposition of the will of “five lawyers.”

Justice Kennedy has been the author of two other cases that trumpeted the LGBT agenda. He has been the darling Justice of LGBT supporters.

President Trump will now have another chance to fundamentally reshape the top of the judiciary and to create a solidly conservative court that could last for decades.

If Justice Kennedy is replaced with a person who is faithful to the original text and meaning of the Constitution, then it is just a matter of time before several horrible decisions are reversed, including abortion and same-sex marriage. Justice Kennedy’s replacement marks a turning point in America. It is beyond time for the Court to reclaim its prestige of being a neutral interpreter of the Constitution rather than an activist political branch!

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Over the last several days, the United States Supreme Court delivered 5-4 rulings on several cases of paramount importance. In one ruling, the High Court delivered a major win on behalf of Crisis Pregnancy Centers, life, and free speech by determining that the California Reproductive FACT Act violates the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment. We celebrate this victory, in part because Liberty Counsel was among the legal groups challenging California’s forced abortion speech law at the High Court.

Once again, these close rulings prove that the Court’s makeup is of vital importance to the laws and culture of our nation.

We will be closely monitoring and vetting President Trump’s nominee, once the candidate is announced. Above all, we look forward to the opportunities that will arise under a new makeup of the High Court!

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God bless America.

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