A supreme choice to make (LCAction)

A special message from Anita Staver

Why the Supreme Court is the Most Important Issue for Voters.
We have a supreme choice to make.

During this supercharged election season, where every news cycle brings salacious distractions from the mainstream media, voters tend to focus on the candidates instead of their policies. But whether Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are kind or rude, decent or vulgar, charitable or greedy, and healthy or weak, will never matter as much as their Supreme Court nominations.
The next president will select one, and possibly three, justices during the next term, and this one act will transform the Court for the next 30 years or more.The selection of future Supreme Court justices is the most critical issue of this election. One justice can drastically alter years of American legal jurisprudence.

+ + One vote matters!

In the past, the Court has decided many crucial cases by a 5-4 vote. For example, the outcome was determined by one vote in all of the following cases:

• Gonzales v. Carhart — The federal law banning partial-birth abortion does not violate the Constitution. Partial-birth abortion involves a gruesome process of killing a baby during the birth process while only its head is inside the mother.

• Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission — The government cannot regulate the amount of money corporations spend on political speech, but can ban contributions from corporations to candidates and require disclosure of advertising sponsors.

Obergefell v. Hodges – A state cannot refuse to issue a marriage license to two people of the same sex or recognize such unions licensed in other states.

And who can forget that by a single vote in the ObamaCare case, the Supreme Court rewrote a law enacted by Congress and turned a “penalty” into a “tax.” One Justice could have prevented the socialist-style takeover of our healthcare system!

Many other important issues that impact Americans — including religious freedom, self-defense, marriage, bathroom privacy, equal access for Bible clubs, forced funding of abortion, ObamaCare exemptions, school vouchers, online child pornography, and the public acknowledgement of God — all hang by one vote.In addition to Supreme Court appointments, 98 federal court vacancies will be filled by the next president and Senate. These lifetime appointments will determine the direction of this nation for many years.

Perhaps we deserve to have the United States fail because we haven’t selected righteous and moral candidates. However, our children and grandchildren do not deserve to suffer the results of our bad choices!

During the next four years, America could be transformed into a safe and prosperous home for future generations. Or our precious liberties could be decimated by a single black-robed individual with the stroke of a pen.

We have a supreme choice to make. We must support the candidate who will make the best nominations to the Supreme Court.

+ + Election Day 2016 is rapidly approaching

These are issues we must discuss in our circles of influence before the upcoming election. Remember that the only vote that doesn’t matter is the one that is not cast.

Liberty Counsel Action is in the final stages of our “Operation Save America” plan to utilize our vast network of citizens and churches to inform and equip people of faith as they go to the polls. Early estimates are that we’ve already reached tens of thousands of likely voters.

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Thank you so much, and may God bless you!

Anita Staver

P.S. Indeed, the direction of our nation for the next twenty or thirty years could be determined by those who appoint and confirm the next few Justices to the Supreme Court. We must insist that future nominees have a clear record of judicial restraint if we want Justices who will interpret the law, not rewrite it according to their personal political philosophies.

Anita L. Staver, serves as a Director of Liberty Counsel Action and is a member of the bars of Florida and the District of Columbia. She is admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court and 12 federal courts of appeal.