A winning strategy in this pivotal election year! (Liberty Counsel)

From the Desk Mat Staver;
Liberty Counsel.

May 28, 2014

In this age of government-gone-wild, it has never been more important that pastors and preachers have a powerful impact on both politics and the culture!
Thank God that a special Liberty Counsel friend who has a burden for helping America’s Christian pastors engage the issues of our day has established a magnificent “Pastors & Patriots Challenge Grant.”

The Lord has opened an amazing window of opportunity for us to turn back the statist forces that are dedicated to destroying America’s foundations! pastorsandpatriots-bible

The amazing $185,000 Challenge Grant we recently received to educate, equip, and motivate America’s pastors was truly an answer to our prayers for our renewed Pastors & Patriots outreach in the pivotal election year of 2014!

All of us at Liberty Counsel passionately believe that when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord will lift up a standard against him (Isaiah 59:19).  In our day, that standard is entrusted to the Church.

That’s why it is so important to support the pastors who provide leadership to America’s Christians.

We believe God’s answer for America is going to come through her committed Christian pastors and other Church leaders…

You know the devastation our culture has suffered under godless, socialist government “leadership” in recent years.  We don’t have the space in this message to list all of the brutal attacks to which our constitutional republic has been subjected – honestly, it’s a miracle we still have any remaining personal liberty in America at all.

But there is still a remnant of Americans who know that our only path forward is a return to the godly principals that made the United States of America the greatest nation in the world!

Perhaps no one better expressed the singular importance and centrality of pastors to our culture than the late Dr. Jerry Falwell, Founder of Liberty University and The Moral Majority. In 1980, God inspired Falwell to issue literal “call to arms” for America’s pastors:

“What is wrong with America today?  We preachers – and there are 340,000 of us who pastor churches – we hold the nation in our hands.  And I say to every preacher: We are going to stand accountable to God if we do not stand up and be counted.”

That’s why we believe God inspired a special friend of Liberty Counsel to establish a new “Pastors & Patriots Challenge Grant” for 2014. 

This providential gift has created a way in which you personally can have a greater impact on Liberty Counsel’s ongoing efforts to support America’s pastors in their calling to set the standard for our nation’s culture!

The success or failure of the massive 2014 Pastors & Patriots campaign rests in the hands of those of you who will respond to our magnificent, God-given Challenge Grant!

With the grant, it is now possible for your gift to support our intense efforts on behalf of American pastors to have double its normal impact!

Your gift of $100 today will achieve twice as much, providing $200 of support for Liberty Counsel’s culture-changing efforts.

Every gift, no matter the size will be doubled.

Please, help support this strategic outreach to America’s churches and rejoice with us in the knowledge that your gift is being doubled through our Pastors & Patriots Challenge Grant!

Here is a snapshot of our 2014 initiative to right America’s course.  

•Liberty Counsel and its Pastors & Patriots initiative will be launching a very special “Who Will Stand?” campaign in just a few weeks in an effort to dramatically impact the 2014 elections through igniting the body of Christ to action!

•We will be hosting pastors and wives meetings (usually a luncheon) in the critical “swing states” of our country. These meetings have been designed to encourage and challenge church leaders to become engaged, in addition to supporting a citywide church rally six weeks following the pastors and wives meeting.

•This is a tremendous enhancement of our overall outreach to America’s pastors and places “boots on the ground” in the states that will most affect the outcome of the crucial 2014 mid-term elections!

•We have provided copies of our Patriot’s Handbook of Political Action for Pastors and Churches to tens of thousands of pastors during previous general election seasons to counter disinformation campaigns by misguided groups like Americans United for Separation of Church and State, the ACLU, and even the Obama administration.

•Our benefactor wants us to redouble efforts to get our proven “Pastors & Patriots Action Pack” – containing the powerful “Silence is Not an Option”DVD and our popular Patriot’s Handbook of Political Activity for Pastors and Churches – into the hands of Bible-believing pastors nationwide.

•Relating to this massive national outreach, we have developed a truly unique church database consisting of 263,128 Bible-believing, action oriented churches to serve as a means of connecting with Christian congregations throughout the nation.  This unique list serves as a vital conduit for the powerful materials we have developed.

Rather than being discouraged at recent liberal gains in politics and our civil government, Liberty Counsel is redoubling our efforts to support pastors and impact our culture for good!

And like any seasoned commanders on the battlefield for the minds and hearts of a people, we are “counting the cost” for reclaiming the ground that has been lost to liberal “progressives” intent on establishing a secular-socialist state on American soil.

The reality is that we are facing powerful and dangerous adversaries on the crucial battlefield for American culture.

And because our opponents are so well funded, it is a great blessing that we have been given a remarkable $185,000 Challenge Fund so that your gift to Liberty Counsel for this battle will literally be doubled!  

We pray you will take advantage of this opportunity to take a courageous stand in support of American exceptionalism and have twice the normal impact in support of Liberty Counsel’s fund to stop anti-Christian forces from dismantling the foundations God established in this nation.

You are essential to our mission!  With so much at stake, we know you will understand the urgency of our request. Thank you for your prayerful consideration!

Fully resolved to excel in our God-given mission,

Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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