ACLU leader quits over daughters’ safety in bathrooms (Liberty Counsel)

A Georgia mom who is the former state executive director of Georgia’s American Civil Liberties Union chapter, has determined that her daughters’ safety is more important than her role in an organization which promotes “gender identity” as a right that allows men to access a women’s bathroom.

At the time of her appointment to an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) State Director position, Maya Dillard Smith, a self-identified open-minded Democrat, “became the youngest executive director and one of only three African-Americans to hold one of the exclusive 53 positions,” according to World Magazine.

A frightening encounter has forced Mrs. Smith to engage the “Bathroom Battle” on a very personal level. According to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly…

“Three transgender women ‘all over six feet tall, all with really deep voices, all obviously men’ followed Smith and her two daughters into the restroom. Her daughters were ‘visibly frightened’ and Smith was ‘very uncomfortable’ and unprepared to answer her daughters’ questions.'”

Smith attempted a dialog with ACLU leadership over their advocacies of the deemed “right” based on discrimination laws, but enountered deaf ears.

“There is not an opportunity to have robust discourse on the competing civil rights that are implicated — not only in the context of bathrooms and the advancement of transgender rights… but even in the context of religious refusal bills which you’ve seen across the country,” she told Megyn Kelly, “It became very evident to me that the ACLU and myself were simply principally and philosophically unaligned on a number of issues.”

Mrs. Smith resigned her ACLU position, putting her safety and those of her daughters above a politically-correct movement that endangers all of America’s women and girls.

Liberty Counsel has been on the forefront in warning about the inherent dangers of so-called “bathroom bills.”

We are fighting for the safety of women and girls who may find themselves in the company of men or boys seizing an opportunity to inflict fear and potentially do harm, as empowered by the President’s unlawful “bathroom edict.”

Contrary to misguided media reports, our battle is not based on hate for or discrimination against transgender people.

+ + Liberty Counsel and 11 states are aggressively fighting against the Obama administration’s dangerous “bathroom edict.”

The President’s outrageous decree threatens to allow boys to use the girls’ restrooms and other private facilities by merely saying that they “identify” as a girl. It also threatens the revocation of federal educational funding unless K-12 public school districts comply.

With this unlawful directive, President Obama has refused to recognize the position of Congress, which has rejected every attempt to add “gender identity” into the law. The “Divider-in-Chief” not only circumvented Congress, he is now trying to usurp the rights of the states and micromanage every school district in America.

Liberty Counsel is working with many schools, cities, and counties regarding the explosive new transgender issue. Our legal team is offering pro bono legal services to Ohio, North Carolina, and other states embroiled in the “bathroom wars” launched by the Obama administration. We have also filed a lawsuit against Fairfax County Public Schools.

As the New York Times recently reported, Liberty Counsel is on the leading edge of fighting this dangerous LGBTQ campaign.

Right now we are litigating against deep-pocketed adversaries as we work to protect women and girls against the potential threats posed by Barack Obama’s dangerous decree.

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Photo attribution: Fox News