Activists taking aim at the Supreme Court (LCAction)

Radical group MoveOnorg is hosting a “Do Your Job” rally in front of the U.S. Supreme Court today, demanding the GOP-controlled Senate holds hearings and gives an up-or-down vote for Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Merrick Garland.

According to MoveOnorg’s website, today’s protest is a culmination of hundreds of public protests across the nation — each targeting vulnerable Republican Senators up for re-election in 2016. Also present will be the Congressional Progressive Caucus that boasts such members as presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, and Reps. John Conyers, Charles Rangel, and Maxine Waters.

As I have said before, liberal activists know that control of the Supreme Court would give them unfettered opportunity to radically reshape our nation, and they are doubling down on efforts to get GOP senators to crack under increasing pressure.

If they succeed, we could easily lose our nation’s constitutional pillars! So far, it appears Senate Republicans are resisting the pressure, but we need to encourage them to continue!+ + 100,000 Petitions Needed To Counter Radical Efforts To Seize The Court.

Counter the destructive force of MoveOnorg and others who have your liberties in their crosshairs by going here and adding your name to Liberty Counsel’s “Stop President Obama’s SCOTUS Nominees” petition.

We are just 12,000 petitions shy of our 100,000 petition delivery goal, so it’s vital that every member of our Liberty Counsel Action team sign this petition and send a message to Senate Republicans to stand firm, refusing to consider any Supreme Court nominee until after the 2016 election.As soon as we reach the 100,000 threshold, representatives from Liberty Counsel Action will hand-deliver them to the 16 most vulnerable GOP Senators to encourage them to stand firm!
Records show that you have yet to add your name to this important petition. Don’t delay. Do so now by going here.
In an email to their supporters, MoveOnorg executive director Ilya Sheyman wrote, “For the first time in decades, liberals could hold a majority on the Supreme Court — with sweeping and profound implications for the lives of every single American. We simply cannot let this opportunity slip though our fingers. Join us.”This is precisely why I must hear from you as soon as possible. Go here now to help.

Thank you for taking immediate action on this critical, all-important issue!

God bless you,Mathew Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel ActionP.S. The futures of the Supreme Court and America now depend on the Senate blocking any nominee by President Obama — and we, the people, electing the right person to occupy the White House in the November election. With the left aggressively working to undermine GOP resolve, take immediate action to counter their efforts by going here and sending a powerful message to vulnerable Senators.After signing, be sure to forward this urgent alert to your friends and family, encouraging them to join with you by going here.