ALERT: Planned Parenthood rallies base to stop ObamaCare repeal (LCAction)

Saturday P.M.

Planned Parenthood is rallying their massive base in order to stop senators from passing the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA), the Senate’s latest efforts to overhaul ObamaCare and defund Planned Parenthood.

PPH’s website calls on their supporters to, “Tell Congress you’re ready to fight like hell to protect reproductive health and rights in this country. Tell Congress you stand with Planned Parenthood.” This is among Planned Parenthood’s aggressive tactics to protect their lucrative abortion industry. Please see my earlier update and Liberty Counsel Action’s plan to counter these pro-abortion zealots — Mat.

Senator McConnell, under tremendous pressure from President Trump and a majority of Americans to repeal ObamaCare, hopes to rein in undecided Republicans and expects a Senate vote on the bill next week following the Congressional Budget Office’s scoring of the Act.

Right now, the language to defund Planned Parenthood for one year remains in the text, but our sources tell us that the defund measure is hanging by a thread if the GOP can’t muster enough support under the current proposed plan.

+ + Planned Parenthood is mobilizing their team to fight the ObamaCare repeal effort!

They did it once, they’ll do it again! Last month, Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and other pro-abortion organizations staged nationwide rallies including a march on Capitol Hill to protest the first Senate healthcare overhaul and defund Planned Parenthood vote. Both Planned Parenthood and the ACLU dipped into their deep financial resources from the windfall of donations they received after President Trump’s election.

We are on high alert! The abortion lobby and Planned Parenthood executives will seize every opportunity to sway GOP senators who may reconsider defunding the abortion giant in order to gain the additional votes of GOP moderates to pass the ObamaCare repeal bill — and to protect their lucrative abortion industry.

We must stand against Planned Parenthood’s massive efforts ahead of the vote. We cannot and must not miss this historic opportunity to REPEAL OBAMACARE and DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD!

That’s why I instructed my staff to double down on our Repeal ObamaCare and Defund Planned Parenthood efforts on Capitol Hill to press the GOP Senators who will decide this issue. Next week, our D.C. team will push the effort that includes another delivery of petitions, additional faxes, and phone calls to key senators if any capitulation on defunding Planned Parenthood or restoring ObamaCare’s abortifacient mandates is evidenced.

This continues to be the most aggressive effort we have launched on the most important legislative issue of the year, and I urgently need your help.

We need your help to keep Liberty Counsel Action fully engaged in this battle to repeal ObamaCare and defund Planned Parenthood. Specifically, we need $10,000 by the end of the day Monday for “Operation Repeal ObamaCare” and our other ongoing efforts.Please go here now to make your best possible gift to help us fight this and other key battles for life, liberty, and family.


Raising the necessary funds to stand against the deep-pocketed Planned Parenthood will be extremely challenging. Would you prayerfully consider making a contribution of $30, $50, $100 or more to help us work to REPEAL ObamaCare and DEFUND Planned Parenthood?

Without your support, we cannot effectively lead this vital campaign.

Thank you so much for your prayerful consideration, and may God bless you as you stand for life, liberty, and family!

Mat Staver