Apple CEO boosts SPLC hate (Liberty Counsel)

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) “fake hate” attack campaign against Liberty Counsel just got a huge financial boost

Apple CEO Tim Cook just announced that Apple is donating $1 million to the SPLC and will add a direct donation portal to the SPLC through iTunes that could funnel millions more to the group.

That means the SPLC’s “fake hate” bank account just got significantly larger! Meanwhile, right now my legal team is fighting a multi-front battle to stop several new SPLC-inspired attacks that threaten to silence Liberty Counsel and pro-faith, pro-family citizens across the country.

I urgently need your help THIS WEEKEND! We do not have the hundreds of millions of dollars that the SPLC has bankrolled to attack us. But with your help, we can fight back and win! Please go here now to make your best possible tax-deductible gift so we can fight back, and see below for the shocking details on how CNN and others are attacking us.


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This is URGENT… Liberty Counsel is under yet another serious attack!

Just as we have been warning, the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) “fake hate” attack campaign against Liberty Counsel is now being used to connect Liberty Counsel to the racist radicals at the center of the Charlottesville tragedy!

This new and most serious wave of attacks began with an AP wire story on an alleged high concentration of “hate groups” in Florida, based on the SPLC’s spurious “hate map.” Hundreds of news outlets had access to that story, including a Florida news conglomerate called Gatehouse Media that ran an expanded version directly referencing Liberty Counsel as one of the Florida-based hate groups.

Gatehouse Media’s attack on Liberty Counsel was in the center of an article that featured giant photos of the white supremacist radicals positioned directly next to the reference to Liberty Counsel! This is a dangerous and defamatory attack that puts Liberty Counsel and peaceful, concerned Christians across the country at risk by attempting to link us to violent, extremist radicals!

+ + CNN joins in the defamation of Liberty Counsel!

Then yesterday morning, CNN added to the defamatory attack against us by publishing an article specifically listing Liberty Counsel as a hate group. The CNN article was again based entirely on the SPLC’s “hate map.”

CNN then distributed the article through its “CNN Wire” service to hundreds or thousands of media outlets! Of course, CNN never contacted us to verify its story.

As we have been warning for months, our battle against the SPLC’s “fake hate” campaign is literally a battle for the very future of this organization and for the right of people of faith to speak out peaceably in our society!

Because of the SPLC, Liberty Counsel is being directly linked to the despicable, radical, racist, and violent fringe elements of society at the center of the Charlottesville tragedy. This is why I am fighting back with everything we have to STOP the SPLC’s attacks and defeat every effort to link Liberty Counsel (and other leading pro-faith, pro-family citizens and organizations) to their “fake hate” crusade!

+ + I am fighting back right now!

In the past 48 hours, our legal team has already issued urgent demand letters — first to several major media, and most recently to CNN — calling for a full retraction of their attacks on Liberty Counsel.

The fake news media is exploiting the Charlottesville tragedy to destroy nonviolent, Christian, pro-family and conservative organizations. It is critical that we push back to stop this dangerous “hate group” label.

These latest attacks are putting an enormous strain on our legal team at a time when we are already fighting for faith and liberty on many other vital fronts. Plus, we are facing a BUDGET SHORTFALL this summer that threatens to challenge our ability to respond to these and other threats to liberty.

We launched our “Summer Of Liberty” initiative so we could respond to just these kind of attacks. But as of this morning, we are still less than halfway to our summer goal! Specifically, we need at least $20,000 by the end of this weekend to help fight the liberal media. There are now hundreds of false articles about Liberty Counsel. We cannot allow this to stand. 

These false articles raise real security concerns. We have received threats of physical harm. We will not be silenced. We are not a hate group and we hate no one. We must fight back against this most recent attempt to destroy us and other good ministries.

Can I count on your help? Please prayerfully consider sending your best possible tax-deductible gift to help us fight back against these outrageous attacks from CNN and others — all caused by the SPLC’s “fake hate” campaign against Liberty Counsel. Go here now to make your gift:

Support the Summer Of Liberty

Even if you made a gift in the past few weeks, please consider donating again! The SPLC’s “fake hate” attack campaign has gone viral, reaching potentially millions of people who now are seeing “Liberty Counsel” directly connected to the fringe KKK and other radicals at the center of the Charlottesville tragedy.

This must be stopped! If the SPLC, CNN, and others succeed in defaming Liberty Counsel, then every pro-faith and pro-family citizen will be at risk of the same attack!

I must fight back with every legal resource at our disposal.

But right now, I’m also facing financial challenges.

Please…. ask the Lord how you should help. Then go here to make your tax-deductible gift.

And be sure to pray for America! As a nation, we need healing. The Bible teaches us that every person is created in the image of God, and the Declaration of Independence affirms we are “endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights.” This is the only sure basis of liberty and peace in our land!

Thank you, in advance, for your help. May God richly bless you!

Mat Staver

P.S. This latest SPLC-inspired attack against Liberty Counsel went viral in a matter of hours, and is being spread to potentially millions of people by major media outlets like CNN. I must fight back RIGHT NOW, but I need your help to make up our serious summer budget shortfall. 

Support the Summer Of Liberty

P.P.S. If the Lord has blessed you and you can make a substantial contribution of $5,000 or more, please prayerfully consider doing so today! Please go here, and my team will contact you soon. Also, you can send your gift by check by going here and printing and mailing the form.