Bibi sends blunt message to Abbas (CIDI)

From the desk of Mat Staver
Christians in Defense of Israel

A few Senate holdouts are hijacking the Taylor Force Act, the bill that would stop payments to the Palestinian Authority. Tomorrow we are delivering our petition calling on the Senate to Stop Anti-Israel Terror Funding and Pass the Taylor Force Act. Please join with us today! See my message below — Mat.  

Israeli Prime Minister sent a clear, forceful and unmistakable message yesterday to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Speaking to some 18,000 people at the AIPAC conference in Washington, DC, Netanyahu railed against Abbas for giving hefty payouts to terrorists who kill Jews.

One of those terrorists is Hakim Awad. With his cousin, he brutally murdered a Jewish couple and three of their six young children in 2011. Awad helped hold the children down for slaughter and is now on Abbas’ payroll.

“Over the lifetime of this killer,” Netanyahu charged, “he will receive two million dollars.”“I have a message for President Abbas,” the prime minister thundered. “Stop paying terrorists — because what message does this send to Palestinian children? It says, murder Jews and get rich.”

And since American taxpayers send some $700 million to Abbas each year, some of that blood money may well come out of your pocket and mine . . .  Which is why I am asking you to join me now in sending to the U.S. Senate the very same message Netanyahu delivered to Abbas yesterday: Stop paying terrorists! . . . .

Here is our message to lawmakers: NOT ONE MORE DOLLAR goes to the Palestinian Authority until they end their payments for acts of terror and denounce all acts of violence against Israel!

stop anti-israel terror funding HERE

+ + The Palestinian perks

The Palestinian Authority just rewarded the family of a terrorist who in January viciously murdered a rabbi, the father of six young children. This killer’s family has “been rewarded for his ‘heroic’ actions with a new, fully-furnished apartment,” as disclosed by Israel Today.

Taylor Force was an American Army hero brutally stabbed to death by a Palestinian terrorist on March 8, 2016 while visiting Israel. His murderer’s family reportedly receives $3500 per month.

+ + The Palestinians are now raising the ante!

It gets worse. The Palestinian Authority’s 2018 budget approved by Abbas raises “Pay to Slay” payments to $403 million, up from $347 million in 2017.   

Outrageously, our taxpayer dollars continue to help fund the Palestinian’s “Pay to Slay” program because a few anonymous Senators are holding up the legislation despite overwhelming bipartisan support.

That is why I ask you to join me in calling on Senate Republican and Democratic leaders to schedule an up/down vote that will pass this legislation and shine a light on PA support for terror. We then expect President Trump to sign it into law.

Will you join me today in strongly urging the Senate to act?

We are delivering our “Pass the Taylor Force Act” petition to Senate leadership tomorrow, March 8th, the anniversary date of the slaying of Taylor Force.

I need you and thousands of others to sign the petition over the next 18 hours to make a greater impact!

Click here or on the banner below to immediately add your name to the petition ahead of tomorrow’s delivery to Capitol Hill.

stop anti-israel terror funding HERE

Thank you for joining me in this important anti-terror effort!

God bless you,

Mat Staver, Chairman
Christians in Defense of Israel

P.S. Click here to read and to manually sign the petition.

The Petition States:
I join with many other pro-Israel Americans in calling for the passage of the Taylor Force Act. The Palestinians must be held accountable for their egregious law that authorizes payments to individuals and their families who commit acts of terrorism against American and Israeli citizens. Economic aid must cease unless the Palestinian Authority stops its outrageous practice of rewarding terrorists and their families with financial aid. No more money for murder!