Breaking News: Liberty Counsel defends Magistrates facing jail.

While Liberty Counsel is deeply engaged in a fight to defend the rule of law in Alabama, we have now filed a lawsuit to protect the rights of conscience of magistrates in North Carolina. The same-sex “marriage” agenda threatens their religious liberty and freedom of conscience. We will never back down in defending natural marriage or protecting the rights of people of faith who refuse to participate in same-sex “marriages.”

Liberty Counsel has filed suit on behalf of magistrates in North Carolina who are being pressured to officiate same-sex “weddings” or face suspension, termination, fines, or prosecution. Our clients have been forced to choose between “deprivation of constitutional rights and continued employment, or freedom,” Liberty Counsel told the court in the lawsuit. This case is typical of the conflicts erupting across the United States as intolerant activists impose their will on the majority of Americans who refuse to endorse or participate in same-sex unions. Although pro-homosexual activists favor rhetoric about tolerance and equal rights, their agenda is anything but tolerant.

Christians and people of faith have been silenced through “hate speech” laws. Now, magistrates, pastors, bakers, photographers, business owners, event planners, and others are being forced against their will to celebrate and assist in something against their religious beliefs.

Any number of accommodations can be made for magistrates in North Carolina who object to issuing marriage licenses for a same-sex union. Our lawsuit is requesting emergency protection from the state courts for any magistrate who refuses to issue a marriage license to a same-sex couple.

+ + Liberty Counsel sues Alabama judges to stop same-sex “marriages.”

Liberty Counsel has filed a lawsuit to stop all probate judges from issuing same-sex “marriage” licenses until after the Supreme Court announces its ruling this summer. Our mandamus petition requests that the Alabama Supreme Court order probate judges to cease issuing the licenses to same-sex partners. Judicial officials must adhere to the rule of law, not the arrogant creation of “laws” by judicial activists, like that of U.S. District Court Judge Callie Granade. Liberty Counsel is standing against this flagrant activism and in defense of the probate judges in Alabama who are refusing to issue licenses to same-sex couples.

Liberty Counsel’s battle to preserve natural marriage is intensifying in North Carolina, Alabama, and Florida – while we also support active lawsuits in other states. We are firmly resolved to win these fights.

We need your financial support to help us aggressively defend these probate judges, magistrates, pastors, bakers, photographers, business owners, event planners, and others from what will be an all-out legal assault from organizers of the radical homosexual movement, the ACLU, and the misguided media who continue to demonize law-abiding people. I am asking you to help us stand on behalf of natural marriage wherever and whenever we are called to take legal action.

+ + Anarchy in Alabama.

Yesterday, a Washington Post headline trumpeted, “A majority of Alabama counties are now issuing same-sex marriage licenses,” citing a pro-homosexual organization as their source. That report is categorically FALSE. The Post should give itself 3 Pinocchios for misleading their readers. This is precisely what happens when the liberal media begins reporting pro-homosexual propaganda. As of this writing, a clear major of Alabama’s probate judges are still refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex partners. They are following Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore’s memorandum and the rule of law as defined by the Alabama Constitution.

+ + We will not back down!

Liberty Counsel’s fight for natural marriage is far from over. We expect many more assaults on the family and natural marriage to come. There can be no middle ground in this fight.

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