BREAKING: Planned Parenthood victim under attack again (Liberty Counsel)

Our client Sandra Merritt is under attack again from the Planned Parenthood cabal.

From a legal standpoint, I’m shocked and outraged.

The Judge in our case defending Sandra Merritt against the Planned Parenthood-aligned California Attorney General is allowing the 14 criminal charges against Sandra to move forward — despite the fact that the California AG failed to refile the charges within the time prescribed by law.

The law is clear. The time to refile the charges had passed and the charges should not have been allowed to be refiled! But now, we must go back to court and defend Sandra against these unjust charges that could force Sandra to spend many, long years behind bars.

And why is this AG on a witch hunt to punish Sandra? Because she helped expose the horrors of Planned Parenthood’s trafficking of human baby body parts!

As I’m sure you recall, earlier this year Sandra was searched, handcuffed, and taken away to jail. Our attorneys appealed to three judges to navigate her release, but that was just the beginning of this legal battle. Shortly thereafter, in response to our legal efforts on behalf of Sandra, the judge dismissed 14 criminal charges.

That was great news, but now that the judge has reinstated the charges, this battle starts all over again!

I need your help. The fact that the judge has sided with the AG and is allowing him to violate the law makes our defense of Sandra even more challenging and urgent.

I must immediately employ all the necessary legal resources to defend Sandra, while at the same time our Liberty Counsel attorneys continue to press forward on multiple critical fronts related to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “hate” attack campaign against us.

And all of this is hitting as we are coming out of summer months which have been financially challenging. Our case work is exploding while our resources are being stretched. Can I count on your help right now?

It is critical our team keeps working on Sandra’s case while we fight the multi-front legal battle related to the SPLC’s “hate” campaign against us, as well as many other vital cases. Will you prayerfully consider making your best possible tax-deductible gift to Liberty Counsel? Go here to help:donate now

Let’s be clear about the nature of the groups we are up against. Planned Parenthood’s coffers are flush with a record fundraising haul they can use to attack anyone who dares to challenge their abortion monopoly. The California Attorney General is totally compromised, having received thousands of dollars of donations from Planned Parenthood. And the SPLC has hundreds of millions of dollars in asset reserves, along with the full support of deep-pocketed Silicon Valley and Hollywood activists.

Here at Liberty Counsel, we rely on the faithful prayers and support of friends like you who stand with us as we fight each of these critical battles.With the 14 criminal charges having been reinstated against Sandra, along with several other challenges demanding our legal resources, we urgently need your immediate support.

Please go here to make your best possible gift to help us fight for Sandra and take on the “Goliaths” of Planned Parenthood, the SPLC, and others.

Thank you and may God richly bless you!


P.S. It appears the deck is stacked against Sandra. The California AG has been funded by Planned Parenthood and should never have brought this case. Now, the judge has sided with the AG in allowing the 14 criminal charges to be refiled against Sandra — in clear violation of the law! We cannot allow a hostile and politically driven Attorney General to throw this wonderful grandmother in jail again! Please help us defend Sandra and stand for liberty across the land. As always, your gift to Liberty Counsel is tax-deductible. Go here:

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Please keep in prayer the people of Texas, Louisiana, Florida and others in the path of Irma.