BREAKING: SPLC stashing millions offshore! (Liberty Counsel)

I have some breaking news on the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) that gives us a window of opportunity to expose the SPLC for what it is — a massive, money-making machine of the radical left that is aggressively targeting pro-faith and pro-family organizations.

On Thursday, The Washington Free Beacon exposed the SPLC’s ongoing practice of funneling many millions of dollars into offshore accounts, where it apparently is stockpiling vast sums of money.

+ + Why is the SPLC stockpiling millions overseas?

This practice of stockpiling millions of dollars in overseas, unregulated bank accounts is highly unusual for a U.S. non-profit and blows the SPLC’s cover as allegedly being a legitimate, grassroots organization. Instead, as Liberty Counsel has reported, the SPLC is a vast enterprise with hundreds of millions of dollars that is pushing an anti-faith, anti-family agenda that threatens every American’s liberties! Now that the SPLC’s unethical and unregulated “offshore” money has come to light, we must do everything in our power to fight back against their “fake hate” campaign and overcome their outrageous lies once and for all!

That’s why I’m asking for your help right now…

Over the past few weeks, the SPLC has blatantly “leveraged” the Charlottesville tragedy to expand its “fake hate” campaign. As I have been reporting, this has resulted in an AVALANCHE of attacks against Liberty Counsel and a massive increase in funding to the SPLC from commercial entities like Apple, JP Morgan, and others.

Liberty Counsel lawyers have responded to these SPLC-inspired attacks with a series of Demand Letters putting misguided SPLC sycophants on notice.

With this revelation of SPLC offshore bank accounts stockpiling millions of dollars, we must move quickly to expand our efforts to both expose the SPLC’s deceptions and defeat the SPLC’s attacks.

Liberty Counsel has the best body of research and, I believe, the most experienced and engaged legal team for exposing and defeating the SPLC. But as we move into fall and what we expect to be one of the most aggressive seasons of litigation in our history, we are still facing a $50,000 budget shortfall from a very challenging summer.

We simply cannot miss this opportunity to expose and defeat the SPLC! Would you prayerfully consider making a tax-deductible contribution THIS WEEKEND to help us fight the SPLC and continue other vital efforts? Go here:

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The SPLC is at the forefront of a very strategic effort to equate Christian and family values with “hate.”  Their attacks have multiplied in recent weeks. But right now, I believe we have a unique opportunity to both expose their lies and defeat the SPLC’s twisted strategy.I can’t do this without your help. Please take a moment right now to consider how you can help. And then go here to make your best possible gift.God bless,

Mat Staver

P.S. What is the SPLC hiding by funneling millions of dollars into offshore bank accounts? One thing is clear: The SPLC has HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars in assets at its disposal to attack and destroy pro-faith and pro-family groups like Liberty Counsel. We must expose the SPLC’s true agenda. Please help.

P.P.S. In the midst of this very important battle against the SPLC, Liberty Relief International (our humanitarian relief outreach) is working to bring much-needed support to Hurricane Harvey victims. We just initiated our first effort with our partners on the ground, but I want to do much more. Conditions across the Texas Gulf Coast are desperate and getting worse. Go here now to help us bring relief to Texas flood victims: