BREAKING: Trump issues warning to Congress (LCAction)

Monday Morning

Congress returns to Capitol Hill today with the ObamaCare repeal/replace issue both confronting and dividing them. President Trump ramped up the pressure on lawmakers this morning by tweeting: “I cannot imagine that Congress would dare to leave Washington without a beautiful new HealthCare bill fully approved and ready to go!”
Some GOP leaders suggest that they can simply repeal ObamaCare now and replace it later with a better plan.

+ + Plan “B” is on the table!

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is sending strong signals that he is ready to strike a deal with Democrats on ObamaCare.

We believe any deal with the Democrats will push us closer to single-payer socialism while fully funding Planned Parenthood and abortion!

Congress has three weeks to finish the job before their summer recess. Our sources tell us that the next 7-10 days could decide the fate of the single most important legislative issue for pro-faith and pro-family citizens across the country.

That’s why I have instructed our Liberty Counsel Action team, including our base in the nation’s capital, to DOUBLE DOWN and take our fight to a new level…

Liberty Counsel Action has already delivered over 40,000 petitions to the Senate. We must DOUBLE the number of petitions THIS WEEK.

Will you help me DOUBLE DOWN to prevent this threatened deal with the Democrats and push as hard as possible to REPEAL ObamaCare and DEFUND Planned Parenthood?

Our D.C. team will aggressively push senators to Repeal ObamaCare and Defund Planned Parenthood — including another hand-delivery of petitions to key senators before the next healthcare overhaul vote.

That’s why I’m asking every Liberty Counsel Action team member to take part in a last-minute urgent petition delivery to the Senate.

Please click here or on the banner below to have your name automatically included in this vital petition delivery:


We must take action now and demand they both REPEAL ObamaCare and DEFUND Planned Parenthood! I want to deliver petitions to key Senate offices BEFORE the Senate votes. Please click here to automatically sign this urgent petition:

Please take action today. And may God bless you as you stand for life, liberty, and family!