Burn the Constitution? (LCAction)

On November 8th, Americans might choose to burn the Constitution. Reports are that Hillary Clinton, possible Senate Majority Leader Chuck Shumer (D-NY), and Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) are already strategizing a Democrat sweep of the presidency and both chambers of Congress. God forbid!

If our nation is once again under one-party leftist rule, count on seeing a tsunami of socialist-style legislation. Count on Justices and judges deciding some of the most extreme rulings our nation has ever seen.

Under the rule of Democrat socialists, as Michael Zmirak wrote in TheStream.org, “Democracy will be dead.” Burning Constitution
“None of these issues — unborn life, free speech, gun rights, or religious liberty — will be settled by the Congress and the Executive via the democratic process, in a law subject to repeal. They will be carved in stone by the god-like fingers of five philosopher kings (Supreme Court Justices), hoisted far out of reach of mere peons like you and me. For our lifetimes, and perhaps for our children’s, they will be dogmas enshrined on altars. Democracy will be dead.”

Let’s be clear… We are facing a truly dangerous situation!

As I wrote to you a few days ago, Liberty Counsel Action is in the final stages of enacting our “Operation Save America” plan to utilize our vast network of citizens and churches to inform and equip people of faith as they go to the polls.

We are still far short of our funding goal to keep our Operation Save America efforts on track and to continue other vital efforts. Will you help?

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These are intensely serious times. We are faced with difficult and far-from-perfect choices.

Yet, I still believe in the faithfulness of the American people, especially as we do everything we can while crying out to God in prayer for our land.

Thank you so much, and may God bless you!

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

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P.S. On Election Day, will Americans choose to burn the Constitution and kill democracy by electing one-party socialist rule?  It is vitally important for our liberties to survive. That’s why Liberty Counsel Action’s comprehensive 2016 voter education and mobilization program is so important. There is still limited time to get yours by clicking here.