Chosen from a box (Liberty Counsel)

From the desk of: Mat Staver

Below is an important update on Liberty Counsel’s representation of Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore — Mat.

Yesterday, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley announced the names of the seven replacement judges who will preside over our appeal for Chief Justice Roy Moore. Last week, the names were drawn from a box of 50 names of retired judges. Chief Justice Moore rightfully objected to the procedure as these retired judges are unaccountable to the people of Alabama.

+ + We are calling for equal justice under the law!

Chief Justice Moore and our legal team are reviewing the seven selected judges and will make a decision about whether there any who might raise conflict of interest concerns.

Chief Justice Moore is merely asking for the same thing any citizen is entitled to receive – equal justice under the law. He is not wanting judges that have a bias for or against him. He wants judges who will follow the rule of law.He has also asked for the case to be unsealed and will request the chosen panel of judges to accommodate his request. The public should now have access to that information.

Politics and ideology have no place in the final outcome of this or any other case. Objective and dispassionate adherence to the rule of law is what the Chief Justice and every citizen deserve.

+ + This case has far too many irregularities and has been deeply affected by political agendas.

Chief Justice Moore’s punishment of suspension until the end of his term that the earlier Court created is de facto removal, which is outside of their authority. This suspension means the Chief Justice is left without salary, benefits, and the ability to receive retirement or earn any income.

It’s obvious that Chief Justice Moore’s punishment so far is based on politically-motivated charges and has nothing to do with the law. This hostile treatment is unseemly for this twice-elected and highly principled Justice. The Chief Justice did nothing wrong. The rule of law should always trump political agendas.

Liberty Counsel’s legal team is doing everything in our power to see that Chief Justice Moore is restored to his rightful elected position.

Today, if you would, please join us in signing Liberty Counsel’s “I Stand With Chief Justice Moore” statement of solidarity. The petition will be sent to Chief Justice Moore NEXT WEEK. As of this morning, we need less than 9,000 signers to eclipse the 50,000 signer mark before we deliver these statements of solidarity. So, please help us reach that important benchmark!

stand with roy moore

As I have noted before, we believe this is a politically driven witch hunt sparked by the radical Southern Poverty Law Center to silence Chief Justice Moore and put every Christian in the cross hairs of anti-faith elites. That is why Liberty Counsel is standing with the Chief Justice as he calls for the veil of secrecy to be lifted.

Please sign our statement of support for Chief Justice Moore and share this with your friends.

Thank you, and may God bless you!
Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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Our team is preparing the petitions of support for a personal delivery to Chief Justice Moore. Click here to read and manually sign the petition.