Clinton email scandal “trivial and irrelevant”? (Liberty Counsel Action)

Mat Staver,
Liberty Counsel Action

In a recently released book entitled, “Dear Madam President,” Jennifer Palmieri, Hillary Clinton’s campaign communications director, writes that “sexism” played a major role in Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid and that the Clinton email scandal was “trivial and irrelevant.”

+ + “Trivial and irrelevant”

Ms. Palmieri’s shortsightedness overlooks Mrs. Clinton’s reckless disregard for national security, the mishandling of classified information, and the repeated lies that Mrs. Clinton told the American people… among many other deceptive practices.

Let me be clear: Based on the evidence former FBI Director James Comey presented to the American people as not warranting further action, that same evidence would have sent anyone else away in shackles. But the Deep State has repeatedly given Mrs. Clinton a free pass.

Even today, the biggest questions remain: Why is Hillary Clinton still free to roam about the world? And, why aren’t the Department of Justice operatives and FBI “investigators” of the Clinton email scandal under investigation by the Trump administration DOJ?

+ + Investigate the investigators!

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is under increasing pressure to appoint a special counsel to investigate apparent abuses at the FBI and DOJ operating within the Obama administration.

As reported recently by The Hill:

“Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Thursday sent a letter to Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein calling for a special counsel to “gather all the facts.”‘The FBI and the Department of Justice were corrupt, in my view, when it came to handling the email investigation of [Hillary] Clinton. And the entire FISA [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] warrant application process was abused,'” Graham told Fox News’s Bret Baier, referring to a surveillance authority conservatives believe was misused during the 2016 campaign to launch the trumped-up Russia investigation.

The Attorney General recently announced that that he has appointed a former official “with many years in the Department of Justice” to review the need for a special counsel. We believe sufficient evidence already exists! 


It is baffling that President Trump is under investigation with far less evidence than the DOJ already has on Hillary Clinton!

I have instructed my Liberty Counsel Action team to spearhead efforts calling for the DOJ to appoint a special counsel to investigation into this entire sordid FBI campaign against President Trump.

If you AGREE that we must get to the bottom of this Clinton-FBI-Obama-DNC witch hunt against President Trump, then click here right now to automatically sign our “Investigate the Clinton-FBI Anti-Trump Collusion” petition.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Clinton continues her book tour telling one recent audience that the “backwards” people of America’s heartland propelled Donald Trump into office.

Please… click here to automatically sign the “Investigate Clinton-FBI Anti-Trump Collusion” petition so my representatives in D.C. can personally take these petitions to the Attorney General and key leaders on Capitol Hill.

Thank you for joining us in this vital initiative!

Mat Staver
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. This is one of the worst political scandals in American history. Liberty Counsel Action will deliver our INVESTIGATE THE CLINTON-FBI ANTI-TRUMP COLLUSION! petition to the Attorney General as soon as we can amass enough signatures.

Right now we are at least 10,000 signatures short of making an impact on this vital matter.

Unless we maintain ongoing pressure, there will be no accountability!

Please… get on board with this initiative while there is promising momentum.