David Friedman clears committee. One step remains. (CIDI)

The Senate Committee on Foreign Relations voted 12-9, primarily along party lines, in favor of David Friedman’s nomination as U.S. Ambassador to Israel. One Democrat broke rank and voted for Mr. Friedman. The vote now moves to the entire Senate.
I believe our campaign in support of Mr. Friedman made a difference in the outcome of the vote. Many of those lawmakers were aggressively lobbied by anti-Friedman factions. But our thousands of fax messages were also powerful. Now, there is one more step to go!

+ + The vote in the entire Senate is likely to happen early next week.

Although Republicans hold a majority in the Senate, his confirmation is not guaranteed. Opponents to Friedman are latching onto the 9 “no” votes as a rally cry for additional support.A fierce anti-Friedman effort is being led by J Street, a left-leaning organization.

J-Street recently sent 600 members to Capitol Hill to deliver 40,000 anti-Friedman petitions to lawmakers. Their efforts resulted in over 150 meetings. They have the support of a number of influential Democrat senators.

Together, we can make our voices rise above the opposition to his confirmation.

Once again, I am asking friends of Israel like you to fill the in-boxes of many senators this weekend with messages telling them that David Friedman should be confirmed. There will be no doubt, come Monday morning, how their vote should be cast. Everything you need to send an immediate message is one click away.

Even if you have already sent a round of faxes, will you go over and above the call and send one more round to the entire Senate? I have asked my team to discount that one tier, which is also the best value. Click here for details and to send your immediate message.

Thank you for joining with us and for your support.

God bless you. God bless Israel. God bless America.

Mat Staver, President
Christians in Defense of Israel