deeply concerned (Liberty Counsel)

Thursday afternoon

We are on the verge of losing everything we have been fighting for. In fact, I would argue that the very essence of “America” is now under siege… from within!
Right now, our nation is rushing toward a dangerous crisis.

I am deeply concerned.

America is now under siege… from forces within our own country! And the lynchpin of this “siege” strategy involves undermining, destroying and ultimately impeaching President Trump.

A series of systematic attacks from a combination of internal “Deep State” forces, an increasingly hostile media, and anti-faith groups like the SPLC and the ACLU threaten the presidency, the rule of law, and our constitutional liberties. And these attacks are being fueled by an influx of hundreds of millions of dollars to anti-faith groups.

But it’s not just the President who is under attack. Anyone who dares to stand for President Trump’s pro-faith and pro-family policies is now in the crosshairs of an emboldened, well-funded and extremely powerful anti-faith juggernaut.

Liberty Counsel’s family of ministries is facing the brunt of this assault. Radical homosexual rights groups have targeted us with outrageous subpoenas designed to bully and silence us. Silicon Valley elites are banning us from key Internet portals. Clearly, they want to stop us because we are having an impact — across the country and through our Liberty Counsel Action outpost in our nation’s capital!

+ + Our plan to turn back this “siege” on our liberties…

In response to this unprecedented siege, Liberty Counsel is launching “America Under Siege” — a strategic initiative designed to mobilize critical resources in defense of America’s core institutions and liberties and safeguard our right to vote during this critical election year.

We must do everything in our power to push back against these attacks. That’s why I believe our unfolding “America Under Siege” plan is so vital. One thing is certain: It will take a grassroots uprising to tip the scales and help advance faith, family, life and liberty.

Here is how you can immediately help!

Today I am asking you to please sign our “I’M STANDING FOR AMERICA” statement of solidarity, which indicates that you are joining with citizens across the nation to fight back against this blatant attack on our President and our freedoms.

The I’M STANDING FOR AMERICA” statement of solidarity declares:

I’m signing this important “I’m Standing For America” Statement Of Solidarity, indicating that I’m joining with citizens from across the nation to fight back against the outrageous “siege” that is now underway against President Trump and anyone who dares to stand for his pro-faith and pro-family agenda.

Never-Trump and anti-faith activists are on a mission to destroy President Trump and bully pro-faith and pro-family groups into silence. I’m signing this statement to say I will NOT be silenced, and I will NOT allow these activists to dictate the agenda and bully those who stand for faith, family, life and liberty.

One click here or on the banner and your name will be immediately and automatically included on the statement of solidarity.

help here

We want to launch our “America Under Siege” efforts with a network of at least 20,000 citizens already on board. So please click here now right now to add your name to Liberty Counsel Action’s “I’M STANDING FOR AMERICA” statement of solidarity

+ + Liberty Counsel is fully committed to a powerful course of action!

Currently in America, there are few organizations positioned to respond to these attacks and defend our core institutions and liberties — and even fewer truly independent and truly faith-based organizations that are rooted in our historic constitutional rights.

I believe Liberty Counsel Action is poised and positioned to rise up and challenge these attacks like few other organizations. Today, please sign the I’M STANDING FOR AMERICA” statement of solidarity and let me know that you’re with us!

Thank you, in advance, for standing in solidarity with us.

Yours for Liberty,

Mat Staver,
Liberty Counsel

P.S. Let’s be clear: America is under siege and the enemies of faith and liberty are working their “end game” right now — destroy and even impeach President Trump while attacking pro-faith and pro-family citizens and organizations. I must fight back, but I cannot do so without your help. Please join with other citizens in signing our “I’m Standing For America” statement of solidarity.