Demands for Holder’s resignation intensifying

Mathew Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

The New York Times is reporting that members of the White House have joined other Democrats and left-leaning media outlets in calling for scandal-ridden Attorney General Eric Holder to resign from office.

The Times did not mince words in their report…

“Over the course of four and a half years, no other member of President Obama’s cabinet has been at the center of so many polarizing episodes or the target of so much criticism.

Some advisers to Mr. Obama believe that Mr. Holder does not manage or foresee problems, a former official said. ‘How hard would it be to anticipate that the Associated Press would be unhappy?’ the former official said. ‘And then they haven’t defended their position.’”

Meanwhile, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) told Bloomberg-TV that the scandal-prone Attorney General should resign because he has lost his “effectiveness.”

But what “effectiveness” has Holder lost?

Eric Holder has overseen the most politicized Department of Justice in our nation’s history. His tenure has only been effective at…

Advancing leftist ideologies, espousing racial favoritism, suing states over so-called “discriminatory” voter ID laws, targeting pro-life and conservative organizations and values, advancing the unconstitutional ObamaCare law for the White House, failing to uphold natural marriage while advancing the homosexual agenda, and now, illegally targeting media reporters.

I would call that an “effective” all-out assault on the constitutionally protected rights of American citizens with the endorsement and protection of the President himself!

I am asking you to do one thing today. Please join us in voicing the sentiments of grassroots citizens nationwide who believe that Eric Holder is a disgrace as our nation’s Attorney General – and unfit to continue as America’s top law enforcement officer.

Now, a majority of Americans believe that Eric Holder should be held accountable for a growing list of obfuscations, misrepresentations, and even perjury. How can a proven liar remain the dead of the Department of Justice?

Liberty Counsel Action has been intensely calling for congressional action against Attorney General Eric Holder for years. The time for Congress to take action against Holder’s illegal and agenda-driven policies is NOW!

Liberty Counsel Action is joining a number of other organizations and leaders in calling for Eric Holder’s immediate resignation!

We must put the pressure on Congress and give them no rest until Eric Holder is driven from office!

Click here now to join with citizens nationwide who are demanding that Congress end the Attorney General’s blatant corruption and dereliction of duty with our powerful Fax Barrage.

Everything you need to fax is one click away!

Eric Holder’s job as our nation’s “top cop” can only be described as an egregious dereliction of duty. He is a disgrace as our nation’s Attorney General.

Join us in calling for his resignation today! Go here to help!

Your timely response is greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking action with us!

Mathew D. Staver, Chairman

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