Dems attack Trump agenda in court (Liberty Counsel Action)

Mat Staver,
Liberty Counsel Action

It is a political axiom that, “Elections have consequences.” Beginning in 2017 and now into 2018, it appears many Democrats still aren’t accepting that reality. Their attacks on President Trump and his agenda, and thus on the American people, are unprecedented in scope – and increasing.

Daily, we see the backlash far-Left lawmakers have launched against the President. What remains unseen to many citizens are the dozens of lawsuits filed against Donald Trump’s initiatives. Last year, Democrats set a record for the most lawsuits filed against a presidential administration. Leading the charge in the courts are the emboldened Attorneys General from many of our nation’s most liberal states.

+ + Sidestepping the Constitution.

Consider this, as reported by Fox News…

“Throughout 2017, Democratic attorneys general filed 35 multistate lawsuits against the Trump administration, according to tracking by Paul Nolette… author of ‘Federalism on Trial: State Attorneys General and National Policymaking in Contemporary America.’By contrast, Republican attorneys general brought 46 multistate legal challenges during all of former President Barack Obama’s two terms.

The ‘sheer volume’ of Democratic lawsuits is ‘staggering,’ said Scott Will, executive director of the Republican Attorneys General Association.

The Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA), a political fundraising group, touts the AGs as ‘the first line of defense” against Trump’s agenda… Parts of the judiciary itself and many AGs see themselves as part of the resistance.” (emphasis added)

And… DAGA says they are doubling down against the Trump agenda in 2018! They are petitioning the courts to take action against the very initiatives we elected President Trump to do!  Attorney General Ken Paxton (R-TX) told The Daily Signal, “They are trying to do an end run around the Constitution.”

+ + We must work to impact the federal judiciary!

Yes, elections do have consequences, but vitally important are the appointees for our federal courts. Barack Obama understood the long-term implications of packing the courts with left-leaning jurists, knowing they are lifetime appointments. Right now, President Trump and the Senate are diligently working to get approved as many Constitution-minded judges as possible. The good news is that President Trump set a record last year for the number of federal appeals judges appointed.

Liberty Counsel Action’s Capitol Hill office is closely monitoring and lobbying for, whenever possible, President Trump’s federal court nominees.

Today, our battle to defend faith and liberty in our nation is growing more challenging. As a carry-over from last month, Liberty Counsel Action faces a critical $35,000 budgetary need to keep our efforts on track at this critical time.

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+ + The resistance won’t give up easily!

Leftists are refusing to accept the legitimacy of the Trump presidency. They are fighting every initiative that we elected this president and a Republican-controlled Congress to enact. And, they are putting their deep financial resources into advancing their so-called progressive agenda.

As the Trump administration continues, it’s becoming more clear how deeply entrenched the Deep State actually is. The only good thing about the recent revelations, and no doubt those to come, is that a thorough cleansing of the swamp can finally begin. Liberty Counsel Action is aggressively working toward reestablishing our shared values in our nation’s capital. Your support is vital. Please help us today.

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Mat Staver,
Liberty Counsel Action

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