Did Clinton commit TREASON? (LCAction)

Hillary Clinton is being exposed for committing what some are calling TREASON and unless we take action, she will never be held accountable for perhaps the worst foreign policy (and election) scandal in our nation’s history.

That’s why I’m writing to you today.

+ + Clinton’s “Fake News” Russia Dossier Against President Trump.

The explosive report that the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee paid for the “fake news” dossier against then-candidate Donald Trump makes it clear that Clinton and the DNC — not the President — should be the targets of investigation into collusion with Russia. The facts are clear…

The Clinton campaign and the DNC paid a law firm MILLIONS of dollars to create a “fake news” dossier against then-candidate Trump based on bogus allegations of Russia collusion. That dossier was then leaked to the press and used as the primary basis for the seemingly never-ending Russia collusion probe against President Trump that continues to this day.

The fact that Hillary Clinton funded this “fake news” hit piece dossier that former FBI Director James Comey (no friend of Trump’s) called “salacious and unverified,” allegedly sourced from Russian actors, is beyond dispute. As The Hill reported:

“The Clinton campaign and the DNC are believed to have taken over the [dossier] project in April 2016, once Trump became the nominee, and oversaw the compilation and completion of the dossier from there.”

Of course, Hillary and her team are claiming they knew nothing, even though their campaign paid for the dossier that was later leaked and became the basis for the Russia FBI investigation into President Trump!

The Hillary-funded dossier is enough for a serious case against Clinton on Russian collusion. But for Hillary, it gets much worse…

+ + How Hillary Gave Russia Our Uranium… For A Cool $145 Million!

We believe that Hillary Clinton’s direct involvement in the bogus Russia dossier is just the tip of the iceberg. The Clintons’ more devious — and treasonous — actions relating to Russia were committed while Hillary was Secretary Of State under President Barack Obama.

You may know these facts, but putting them in words is almost beyond belief…

As part of Obama’s “reset” in relations with Russia, the Obama Administration (under then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s oversight) approved the sale of one-fifth of the U.S. stockpile of uranium to Uranium One — a company owned by the Russian government. Because uranium is a strategic energy and national defense resource, the sale had to be approved by the Committee On Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), of which Hillary Clinton was a member.

Here’s where the money trail gets dirty. According to National Review: “Before, during, and after CFIUS’s deliberations, nine Uranium One investors gave the Clinton Foundation some $145 million.”

To make matters worse, thanks to an unidentified whistleblower known only as CS-1 (“confidential source”), the FBI already had a front-row seat to a massive kickback and bribery scheme involving the key Russian actors connected to the purchase of Uranium One. But the FBI probe was suppressed by Team Obama and never revealed to Congress until long after CFIUS had approved the sale of Uranium One to the Russians. As part of the suppression of the truth, CS-1 was threatened by Team Obama to not go public. And guess who was head of the FBI at the time? Robert Mueller, who now heads the investigation into President Trump!

So the man who is now conducting the “fake news” witch hunt against President Trump based on the Clinton-funded dossier was actually responsible for helping advance the real Russia scandal without congressional knowledge by suppressing blatant bribery, kickbacks, and corruption!

Which brings me to the reason I’m writing today…

+ + We Must Break The Liberal Media Blackout!

According to media watchdog Media Research Center, the liberal controlled media has spent a total of just 3 minutes on the Uranium One scandal since first elements of this story broke two years ago!

So despite the money trail from the Clintons to the bogus dossier and the Uranium One scandal that saw Russia gain ownership over key U.S. uranium resources while the Clintons received more than $145 million from Russian interests, unless we act, the Clintons and others in Team Obama will face NO CONSEQUENCES for what amounts to TREASON!

Today, Liberty Counsel Action is launching this nationwide Citizen Petition, “Mueller Must Go And Hillary Must Pay!” As citizens, we must band together to break the liberal media blackout and expose the real Russia collusion. We must demand accountability for treasonous acts that put our nation’s security and our elections at risk!

I’m asking you to help me take the lead on this critical campaign. Will you be among the first to sign our new petition so we can rally tens of thousands of citizens as soon as possible to break the liberal media blackout and demand accountability on this scandal of epic proportions? Go here now to SIGN this important petition:

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(See the end of this message for the complete petition language.)

This is critically important. Our national security has been sold to the Russian government in exchange for at least $145 million received by Bill and Hillary Clinton. A massive Russian bribery scheme was hidden from Congress, apparently to minimize any scrutiny on the approval of the sale of 20% of U.S. uranium to the Russians. And now we know that Team Hillary actually paid for the “fake news” Russia dossier that is the basis for the unending Russia-Trump collusion investigations.

We must sound the alarm! Our Liberty Counsel Action team on Capitol Hill is pursuing every possible angle and contact to demand that the real Russia scandal be pursued. But I must have an army of citizens DEMANDING accountability.

Please sign the Mueller Must Go, Hillary Must Pay” petition. And then alert your friends.

Mat Staver

P.S. President Trump is looking for help from citizens across the nation take a standwho will step forward and break the media blackout on this bribery and corruption scandal that put our strategic uranium resources in Russia’s control while the Clintons collected tens of millions of dollars. I want to press this issue with leaders in Congress from our office in D.C. But I need an army of citizens standing with us. Please sign today.

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Full Petition Text:
I am calling on Congress and the President to take action and expose the real Russia collusion by demanding that “Mueller Must Go And Hillary Must Pay!” Robert Mueller must be removed immediately from the Russia investigation and Hillary Clinton must be investigated for treasonous acts that put our nation’s security and our elections at risk.