Discover Why Israel Matters: Past * Present * Forever in New Book

Discover why Israel is so significant in world politics, the global economy, America and the church in the newly released book, Why Israel Matters: Past * Present * Forever. You can preview the beautiful book. This unique, 230+ page, full-color book contains seven informative chapters and an epilogue. Every page is beautifully designed with gorgeous, full-page, color photos of Israel.
Every person should know why Israel matters and this book is a unique and beautiful way to learn it. It coincides with our new, 13-part, original TV series by the same name, which is having an impact on people across the world.
Seven decades after its miraculous rebirth, Israel is a global high-tech leader playing a vital role in the world economy. An innovation powerhouse, it makes life better for millions with stunning advances like incision-free surgery. Discover more about Why Israel Matters by Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel and President of Christians in Defense of Israel, and John Aman, Director of Creative Services for Liberty Counsel.
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