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I want to make sure you didn’t miss my Liberty Relief International update on Thursday. I included an abridged version of it below in hopes that you’ll have a few minutes to read it this weekend. You won’t want to miss the amazing testimony of Mathew Ayairga, an ISIS victim who was beheaded in 2015 for refusing to publicly reject Jesus Christ.

God is touching the hearts of Muslims in the Middle East. This move of the Holy Spirit is happening on such a large scale that one of our partner organizations in the region says they don’t have enough Bibles to meet demand. Please see below to find out how you can help feed the Word of God to new believers, persecuted Christians, and spiritual seekers. Or click here to take immediate action on their behalf — Mat.

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July 6, 2017

From the Desk of:
Mat Staver, President
Liberty Relief International

Dear Friend,

In ISIS-ravaged and war-torn nations across the Middle East, tens of thousands of Muslims have come to faith in Christ. One of our Christ-centered partners in the region says many Muslim men and women are leaving Islam after encountering Jesus through dreams and visions. Others are moved by the testimonies of Christians who have experienced horrific persecution in Muslim-dominated areas.

On Monday, I told you about 20 Egyptian Christians kidnapped and beheaded by ISIS terrorists on a Libyan beach in February 2015. I also shared about the 21st victim that day. Mathew Ayairga was from Chad and reportedly not a Christian. Each of his fellow captives was brutally murdered after refusing to deny Christ. But when Mathew was asked to publicly reject Jesus, he told his executioners: “Their God is my God.” What an amazing testimony of Mathew’s faith and the example set by his fellow captives in the face of death!

New believers and persecuted Christians in the Middle East are making courageous stands for Jesus Christ regardless of the consequences. People who see that firsthand are being moved by their testimonies, and lives are being changed for eternity. What’s even more amazing is that it’s happening in the face of horrific ISIS evil and in the midst of brutal civil war.

I want to honor the courage and sacrifice of these brothers and sisters by increasing our efforts to sponsor Bibles through one of our ministry partners in the Middle East. They can deliver copies of God’s Word inside Muslim-majority nations for just $5 each!

Click here or on the banner below to sponsor Bibles and other critical resources for new believers with Muslim backgrounds, persecuted Christians, and spiritual seekers in the Middle East with your tax-deductible gift of any amount to LRI:


This MIRACLE HARVEST is unprecedented in modern history. The Holy Spirit is moving powerfully and bringing many, many Muslims to faith in Jesus Christ. As a result, persecuted Christians, new believers with Muslim backgrounds, and spiritual seekers urgently need Bibles.

Will you help feed them the Word of God? Click here to donate now.
Please take action today to help advance the gospel in places where men, women, and even children often risk their lives by accepting Christ as Savior. Thank you, in advance, for being a light in the darkness.


P.S. Help feed the Word of God to new believers, persecuted Christians, and spiritual seekers touched by civil war and ISIS evil. Your tax-deductible gift, right now, will be used by LRI to partner with Christ-centered organizations that provide Bibles to men, women, and children in some of the most deeply affected areas. Please click here or on the logo below to support this and other vital LRI outreaches to the Middle East: