Families flee “in the cold”

A front-line report from the war-torn Middle East indicates that conditions are continuing to deteriorate for the refugees this winter. According to the U.N., “intensified military operations” in the region “are forcing families to flee, in the cold, to areas without enough resources to support them.”

One official said regarding U.N. efforts in Syria into particularly hard-hit areas during the month of December, “we haven’t reached a single soul” with relief.

Millions of refugees, including many persecuted Christians, are fighting for their lives. I set a goal of raising $30,000 to support the efforts of our partners on the ground and continue other vital Liberty Relief outreaches. I must raise $10,000 THIS WEEKEND or we risk not meeting the goal. Please see below for more details, and go here now to make your best tax-deductible gift to help Liberty Relief so we can rush urgently needed support to Christian refugees this winter and continue other efforts.

Thank you and God bless!

Mat Staver

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I have just been alerted to a WINTER CRISIS facing 3.8 million refugees in Iraq and Syria who have already suffered so much at the hands of ISIS terrorists.

With cold weather now having set in across the region, international relief agencies are facing a urgent funding shortfall in the efforts to help refugees make it through the winter months.
To make matters worse, our contacts tell us that the Christians in the region have faced some of the worst persecution so far, and now they urgently need our help!
Liberty Relief International is connecting with our Christ-centered partners on the front lines to rush urgently needed relief to persecuted and displaced believers. The winter months are the most difficult of all for families who have been forced from their homes and are struggling to even survive.

I want to help. I’m asking our online team to take action with us this weekend, so Liberty Relief can be part of the solution for suffering Christian refugees in the Middle East this winter.

Can I count on your support?

Go here right now to make your tax-deductible gift to Liberty Relief so we can help rush urgently needed support to Christian refugees in the Middle East this winter:

help refugees now

Our ministry partners are working to provide practical relief and long-term solutions, such as permanent housing so these believers can re-establish their lives after years of suffering.

I’m prayerfully hoping to raise $30,000 this month to help with this crisis and to continue our other vital efforts. And because Liberty Relief International is the global, humanitarian-relief arm of Liberty Counsel’s family of nonprofit ministries, your gift is completely tax deductible.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration!

Mat Staver

P.S. The winter months are by far the most difficult for these Christian refugees, who are still suffering greatly from losing everything at the hands of ISIS terrorists. Liberty Relief International relies on your faithful prayers and financial support to continue helping desperate Iraqi and Syrian Christians rebuild their lives, homes, communities, and churches. Please stand with us as a light in the darkness to meet this urgent need this month. As always, your gifts are tax-deductible. Click here to help:

help refugees now