Fighting the “Hate” attack (Liberty Counsel)

GuideStar has endorsed the SPLC's malicious "hate group" label on its own website to cause financial harm to Liberty Counsel.
Guidestar designation
We are fighting back in court. See my update below — Mat.

GuideStar promotes itself as being "the world's largest source of information on nonprofit organizations." They say their data "is at the heart of 60+ websites, programs and applications." In other words, GuideStar is an international clearinghouse of information on non-profit organizations. So when GuideStar attached the Southern Poverty Law Center's "hate group" designation to Liberty Counsel's information on their website, their intention was to cause financial harm to Liberty Counsel and 45 other non-profit organizations while they openly asked for donations of their own.    

+ + We are fighting back!

Liberty Counsel just filed a brief at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit arguing that GuideStar's false and defamatory "hate group" label it placed on Liberty Counsel's profile violates the federal law known as the Lanham Act.

GuideStar unlawfully used the false and harmful "hate group" label to cause financial harm while promoting its own commercial interests. Under the Lanham Act, GuideStar cannot make false and misleading characterizations of a group's goods or services. GuideStar knows, or should have known, that this false label has resulted in financial harm. GuideStar must be held responsible for its actions.

The narrow issue on appeal is whether republication of the so-called "hate group" label is "commercial speech." Liberty Counsel believes that it is. GuideStar used the false and harmful "hate group" label to cause us financial harm while promoting its own commercial interests.

+ + Left unchecked, the impact on Liberty Counsel could be devastating.

Many philanthropic organizations and individuals use GuideStar as one of their principal sources in determining the recipients of gifts and grants. Now, GuideStar is threatening the reputation and potential revenue of Liberty Counsel by partnering with the SPLC, whose mission is to destroy pro-family organizations.

This is CRITICAL! GuideStar has been told by the District Court that there might be no consequences for labeling Liberty Counsel as a "hate group." This could release the floodgates for even more attacks on people of faith who dare to stand for traditional marriage! 

This new legal front adds additional demands on our team at a time when Liberty Counsel's resources are already stretched by other critical cases and a 2018 budgetary shortfall. We simply must meet this $75k Challenge Grant deadline so we can help make up our budget gap and keep Liberty Counsel on the forefront of these fights.

Can I count on your help as I push back against the slanderous attacks of groups like the SPLC and GuideStar, who want to malign and destroy pro-faith and pro-family organizations?

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We simply cannot allow anti-faith and anti-family bullies to demean, discredit, and silence us!
I must aggressively fight back. But I cannot meet these dangerous threats to every American's religious liberties without your help.

Please consider making your best possible tax-deductible gift today. And remember that every tax-deductible dollar you give will effectively be doubled in impact by the combined $75,000 "Give Me Liberty" Challenge Grant.

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Yours for Liberty,
Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. I simply will not allow GuideStar or the SPLC or the ACLU or any anti-faith, anti-family group to demean or attack pro-faith, pro-family individuals and organizations. That's why we filed the lawsuit to stop GuideStar's defamatory "hate group" attack. But I need your help to meet the Challenge Grant. Thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration!