Globalists fight to keep Iran deal (CIDI)

Tuesday P.M.

A new poll shows that a strong majority (60%) of Americans say the Iran nuclear deal was a bad deal for America and that any new arrangement must be certified by Congress.This poll reveals broad bipartisan agreement that the Iran deal was bad and must be certified by Congress — a majority of Democrats and Republicans agree on this critical issue!

+ + Globalists press to keep Iran deal

But the international community is pressing the U.S. to keep the Iran deal at all costs. European Union leaders just re-affirmed their commitment to the Iran deal. Even British officials are urging the U.S. to stay in the deal.

Once again we have a direct conflict between the common sense opinions of the vast majority of Americans—people like youand the globalist intelligentsia who think they know what is best for America!

This is precisely why Christians In Defense Of Israel is rallying tens of thousands of citizens to join with us in signing our END THE IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL petition.TAKE ACTION right now and sign our petition to END THE IRAN DEAL. Simply click here or on the image below to AUTOMATICALLY SIGN WITH ONE CLICK this important petition:

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Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, called President Trump’s decertification decision “a very brave decision and I think it’s the right decision for the world.”Now, with seemingly the entire world aligning with Iran, America once again is Israel’s last and best hope as an ally against an increasingly hostile and anti-Semitic world.

We must stand with Israel in insisting that Congress end the Iran deal and replace it with real protections for both Israel and the United States.

Thank you for standing for Israel!


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