Grueling (Liberty Counsel)

Tuesday Morning:


That’s a fitting description for the work our Liberty Counsel legal team has put into our defense so far against the LGBTQ-driven lawsuit that is backed by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).For the past several weeks, I have assigned key members of our legal team to essentially dedicate much of their time to our defense. This involves intensive research along with writing the draft of our extremely important Legal Memorandum to the court on this case.This Legal Memorandum will be our first, and perhaps most important, response to the court’s decision to allow these groups to sue both Liberty Counsel and me personally in this case. And the next few weeks are crucial…

My team is pushing to complete our Legal Memorandum in the next few weeks so we can file our response to this outrageous attack against Liberty Counsel. That means I must commit more legal resources to this case than we imagined — a case that we did not expect to be on our docket, and therefore, did not include in our legal resources budget!

As I have shared with you, this SPLC-backed attack is all about punishing any individual or organization that dares to stand up to the LGBTQ agenda. They want to discredit me and destroy Liberty Counsel because this organization is one of the important voices for faith and family that is willing to stand up for Christians who are coming under attack from this radical agenda.Most of all, they want people of faith like you and me to think we are ALONE in this fight, and if we dare to stand up for faith and family, WE WILL BE DESTROYED!

A few days ago, I shared with you about our “Save Liberty” campaign which has already rallied thousands of team members to stand with us in prayer and financial support. A key component to the initial stage of this fight is asking friends like you to stand with us in solidarity as we fight this battle over the very future of Liberty Counsel.All I’m asking of you today is your partnership with me by signing our “Save Liberty”
Statement Of Solidarity!

If you believe in the work of Liberty Counsel, PLEASE click here or on the image below to AUTOMATICALLY SIGN our Statement Of Solidarity and stand with me to “Save Liberty”:


I wish I could tell you about what our team has unearthed so far while organizing the draft of our Legal Memorandum, but this document must remain under tight control until we release it to the court. Suffice it to say, it is becoming apparent to us that Liberty Counsel has been specifically targeted for attack, and their goal is to damage or destroy us.

That’s why the next few weeks are so critical as we finalize our Legal Memorandum in response to this SPLC-backed attack. Will you stand with us in prayer by signing our “Save Liberty” statement of solidarity?

Thank you in advance, and may God richly bless you!

Mat Staver

P.S. Liberty Counsel needs an OUTPOURING OF SUPPORT to fight back. As of this morning, we were just a few thousands signatures short of our initial goal. Will you help push us over the top? Go here: