Harry Reid: “GOP will confirm SCOTUS pick”

Certain that Republican Senators lack the resolve to stand firm against withering pressure to confirm President Obama’s SCOTUS pick, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid tweeted:

“Yes indeed, the GOP is already on its way to caving on Merrick Garland.”

Reid continued: “Republicans are backing down so quickly that they’re already bargaining about what month they will fully cave and confirm Obama’s nominee.”

For conservatives nationwide, Harry Reid paints a frightening scenario.

Of course, we can’t know what kind of arm-twisting and shady deals are being cobbled together behind closed doors and in corners of Senate offices on Capitol Hill, but one thing is certain: If Harry Reid is correct, and Senate Majority Leader McConnell is starting to crack, it most certainly will spell disaster for our individual rights as the High Court is overrun by “progressive” power!

The only way to counter the destructive efforts of billionaire George Soros and Barack Obama’s foot soldiers at Organizing for Action and MoveOnorg is to engage tens of thousands of conservatives — patriots who understand what is at stake if Harry Reid’s prediction is correct!

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God bless you,Mathew Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. During an appearance on MSNBC with host Chris Matthews, Harry Reid boldly announced, “McConnell and all his Republican colleagues are going to cave.” To ensure this doesn’t happen, I must hear from you today.

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