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From the desk of Mat Staver

Today, on the 70th anniversary of the re-establishment of Israel, the U.S. Embassy opened in Jerusalem. The timing could not have been more appropriate or more historic. We celebrate with the Jewish people at this long-awaited event.  See my message below — Mat. 

Today, the grand opening of the United States Embassy in Jerusalem was dubbed the “hottest ticket in town” as the seats were filled with Israeli officials and dignitaries from 40 nations commemorating the historic event, including numerous Trump administration representatives and members of Congress.

The opening falls on the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Jewish state, when David Ben-Gurion announced Israel’s independence and Israel took its place among the nations on May 14, 1948.

After Congress overwhelmingly passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act in 1995, mandating the embassy move, three Presidents failed to follow suit. But President Trump fulfilled the Jerusalem Embassy Act and his own campaign promise to move the embassy by recognizing Jerusalem as the historic and eternal capital of Israel on December 6 of last year.

And now, in blazing speed, the new embassy is open on Israel’s 70th birthday.

At today’s opening ceremony, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his gratitude to America, declaring, “We have no better friends in the world. You stand for Israel and you stand for Jerusalem. Thank you.”

“What a glorious day,” Netanyahu exulted. “Remember this moment. This is history.” He especially praised President Trump, pronouncing: “President Trump, by recognizing history, you have made history.”

And Netanyahu also extended his gratitude to the “many friends who have prayed for this day and have worked for this day.” That’s you, my friend. Your generosity, your prayers and your friendship with Israel helped bring us to this day!

+ + Triumph amidst turmoil

The celebratory event was marred by violent Palestinian protests along the Israel-Gaza border that have reportedly left several dozen dead and over 1,700 injured.

A Times of Israel report, citing the Israel Defense Forces, indicated “around 50,000 Gazans were demonstrating in 12 locations along the border. [The Israeli army] said thousands more were gathered at points several hundred meters from the fence.” The Times of Israel added:

“At around 4 p.m., the time that the US was inaugurating its embassy in Jerusalem, military sources said Hamas-spurred groups were trying to breach the border at several spots along the Gaza fence.
“The army said three of those killed were trying to plant explosives at the border fence. In two separate incidents, IDF troops opened fire on gunmen who were trying to shoot them, Hadashot TV said.”

Today, while we thank God for the Trump administration’s bold decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move the U.S. embassy there, let’s also pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for calm to return to Israel’s southern border with Gaza, just 90 miles away from Jerusalem.

+ + Why do Islamists hate Israel?

One factor, more than anything else, drives the Arab/Israeli conflict today … and has since well before Israel’s founding as a modern nation.

This one factor is why the Arab world exploded in fury when Israel declared statehood on May 14, 1948. Within hours, five Muslim nations invaded the fledgling state in an all-out campaign to strangle it at birth.

Israel extended an olive branch, proclaiming its desire to live in “peace and good neighborliness” with Arabs. But the answer they received was war. “We will sweep them into the sea,” the Arab League’s Secretary-General boasted.

Almost nothing has changed since. This same factor still animates Arab hostility toward Israel today. It’s why Israel’s neighbors still want “to erase Israel from the map,” as Iran’s supreme leader has declared.

To understand more of the history of the Middle East, the nature of Islam and the Arab world’s ongoing hostility toward Israel, Christians in Defense of Israel is offering the book “Why Islamists Hate Israel.”Why Islamists Hate Israel

This fascinating survey of modern Israel’s founding reviews the tragic story of Arab rejection of Israel. And it exposes the Jew-hatred embedded in Islam – the one factor that, more than anything else, makes true and lasting Middle East peace all but impossible to achieve.

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