I Stand with Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore (Liberty Counsel – Petition)

This is personal.

Last week when I stepped out of the Alabama Court of the Judiciary (COJ) hearing in which our Liberty Counsel team defended Chief Justice Roy Moore from a blatant politically-motivated attack, I was sure of one thing.

We had made our case. Chief Justice Moore’s opponents had failed in their arguments. All those present in the courtroom knew we had won the argument.

But shortly thereafter, the COJ issued an outrageous ruling. Lacking the votes to remove Chief Justice Moore from office, the COJ instead voted to suspend Justice Moore for the remainder of his term — over two years.

Compare this to the recent six-month suspension given by the same COJ to an Alabama judge who was caught sending a former litigant in his court sexually explicitly Facebook messages and sexting pictures of his genitals!

Six months for a sexual deviant who openly abused the power of his position. But for Chief Justice Moore? An effective lifetime ban since Moore will no longer be eligible to serve due to having reached his 70th birthday before the end of his suspension.

+ + A personal attack against a man of faith

Let’s be clear: this is a personal attack against a man of faith. The radical homosexual and transgender groups are making an example of Chief Justice Chief Justice Moore. Oppose their agenda and you will pay a steep price!

That’s why this is personal.

And it’s why I’m asking you to sign Liberty Counsel’s “I Stand With Chief Justice Roy Moore” statement of support.

I want to rally at least 25,000 faith and liberty loving citizens to sign our statement of support in the next seven days so we can personally deliver these statements to Chief Justice Moore.

Will you stand with me as we stand with Chief Justice Moore? Simply click here or on the image below to be included in this important statement of solidarity:
stand with roy moore
This attack against Chef Justice Moore is an attack against each and every person of faith who stands for biblical values in our nation against the rising tide of anti-Christian bigotry in our land.

If we allow purely political attacks fueled by anti-Christian bigotry to rule the day, none of us will be safe tomorrow. As Ben Franklin once said, we must hang together or “most assuredly, we shall hang separately.”

Thanks for taking a stand, and God bless you.

Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman,
Liberty Counsel

P.S. We must stand against politically-charged anti-Christian bigotry that is running rampant in our land. Chief Justice Roy Moore is a victim of such bigotry. Join me in standing with Chief Justice Moore by clicking here.

Liberty Counsel’s “Stand With Roy Moore” Statement Of Support:

Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore is being wrongfully vilified for his stand for natural marriage, the Constitution, and the rule of law by radical organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center, People for the American Way, and other pro-LGBTQ organizations.I am joining with tens of thousands of other patriots in standing with Chief Justice Moore against this politically motivated, anti-faith attack and join my fellow concerned citizens in calling for him to be immediately reinstated!

Click here to read and sign the petition page.

Photo source: al.com