In the face of uncertainty and evil

From the Desk of:
Mat Staver, President
Liberty Relief International

Dear Friend,

A member of my staff received heartbreaking news today from one of our Christ-centered partners in the Middle East. Christians in Egypt face uncertainty and evil in the wake of the deadly Palm Sunday suicide bombings eight days ago.

“Coffins of the dear dead ones were all buried,” the email update explains. “About 100 wounded Christians are still in hospitals suffering pain, devastation, and the uncertainty of the coming days. For them, the hope of staying alive for another day is indefinite due to their critical conditions.”

Our fellow Christian relief organization then announced that they expect more attacks due to the “intense oppression and hatred” of believers in Egypt. They explained that the threat is “from the large radicalized segment of the Egyptian society, a segment of people who are misled and brainwashed by radical Muslim leaders who speak out their poisonous language against Christians from within and outside Egypt.”

+ + Your “Gift of Hope” is needed this month to ease pain and suffering.

The increasing attacks and constant pressures are said to be “shaking the foundations of many within and outside the Christian community in that country.” The goal of Liberty Relief International (LRI) is to work with our Christ-centered partner to help persecuted believers pass through this “season of pain and testing in preparation for a great and mighty work of God in Egypt.”

LRI wants to ease the suffering of men, women, and children living under oppression and brutality in the Middle East. Hundreds of thousands of persecuted believers and other religious minorities are in desperate need of food, water, and other humanitarian aid. Your “Gift of Hope” today with help those struggling in the face of ISIS evil.

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Please join our efforts to help Egyptian Christians and other brothers and sisters in the Middle East.Our Christ-centered partner working on the front lines can deliver relief supplies to some of the most deeply affected areas. They urgently need our help to reach as many persecuted believers and spiritual seekers as possible.

LRI has set an ambitious $20,000 fundraising goal this month to help provide aid and comfort to Egyptian Christians. But, with just 14 days left in April, we’re only about halfway there. That’s why your support is so urgently needed today.

Your tax-deductible “Gift of Hope” will enable us to respond to humanitarian crises that threaten the lives of believers and other religious minorities in the Middle East. Please click here to be the hands and feet of Jesus this Easter season.

Thank you, in advance, for bringing light to dark places this month.


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