Iran: “We will level Tel Aviv…” (CIDI)

From the desk of Mat Staver,
Christians in Defense of Israel

Mideast tensions are spiking and I am asking you to join me now in an urgent Proclamation of Blessing and Prayer for Israel. Time is short because we must deliver this proclamation to Prime Minister Netanyahu before his March 5 White House meeting with President Trump.

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Over the past several days, fighting between Israeli forces and Hamas fighters operating out of the Gaza Strip escalated into an intensity not seen since the 2014 war.

Following the detonation of an improvised explosive device that wounded four Israeli soldiers, Israel deployed jets and tanks to target the Gaza Strip in retaliation.

As reported by The Guardian, “Israel’s military said its fighter jets attacked ‘18 terror targets belonging to the Hamas terror organization… including weapon-manufacturing and training infrastructures.An underground tunnel used by militants was also hit, the army said, while residents in Gaza reported explosives had landed in a farmer’s field.”

Then, Israeli forces again pounded Hamas targets after a rocket landed in Israeli territory after being launched from Gaza.

+ + Iran is poised at Israel’s border.

The Times of Israel is reporting that, according to a U.S. military analyst, “Iran operates 10 military bases in Syria and is training militias loyal to President Bashar Assad’s regime for a possible battle with Israel, with two key facilities located near the border with Israel…”

To compound the issue, yesterday a senior Iranian official declared, “If they [Israel] carry out the slightest unwise move against Iran, we will level Tel Aviv to the ground and will not give any opportunity to Netanyahu to flee.”

Last year, Iran’s army chief warned that his country “would immediately lay waste to Israel’s commercial capital of Tel Aviv should Israeli leaders make any mistakes.” He reiterated the alarming threat by declaring Iran would destroy Tel Aviv and Haifa into dust “at lightning speed.” SEVEN MINUTES! it would take just 7 minutes to reach Tel Aviv and raze the city

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Right now, Israeli leadership must know that we stand with them in such turbulent times.  Help us declare in no uncertain terms that we bless and honor Israel as our greatest and most trusted friend and ally in the region–and that we are praying for God’s people at this time. We acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel’s God-ordained, undivided capital. And, we encourage the Trump administration and pro-Israel Americans to stand unwaveringly with Israel, without further sacrificing Israel’s sovereignty, safety, security, or borders.

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We will deliver the Proclamation to President Trump, Prime Minister Netanyahu, and leaders in Congress ahead of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s White House meeting with President Trump on March 5.

Your support for Israel and a commitment to pray for God’s guidance over Israeli leaders and people in this season of rising Middle East tension is imperative right now. Senior members of the Israeli government have told us that specific, timely messages of support from American friends have a tremendously positive impact!

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Please be watching for my updates on this unfolding situation.God bless you – and God bless Israel!

Mat Staver, President
Christians in Defense of Israel

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