Is this the “deep state” at work? (Christians in Defense of Israel)

From the desk of Mat Staver
Christians in Defense of Israel

Christians in Defense of Israel is delivering our Fully Defund the Palestinians petition next week to the State Department, strongly urging it to comply with the Taylor Force Act. We believe that Mike Pompeo, the recently installed Secretary of State and a pro-Israel leader can make a difference in an anti-Israel culture harbored inside the State Department. Click here to add your name to the petition or see my update below — Mat.

You and I both know missing deadlines is never good . . . especially when the law demands action by a date certain. Just ask Americans who file late with the IRS.

But that standard seems not to apply at the U.S. State Department.

The Taylor Force Act required the State Department to report to Congress by May 22 what U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority it will nix because of PA funding to terrorists.

Yet that deadline came and went . . . with no report and no action.

And that makes me wonder why. Is it because of “deep state” actors inside the State Department who don’t want to see aid cut to the Palestinian Authority?

+ + The State Department has an anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian history.

  • Members of the State Department counseled Truman against statehood for Israel in 1947-48.
  • For 10 consecutive years, including last year, the State Department’s annual “Country Reports on Terrorism” blamed Israel for Palestinian violence, saying settlements and Palestinian “lack of hope” caused Palestinian attacks on Israel.
  • Last year’s report praised Palestinian leaders while ignoring the Palestinian Authority’s “Pay to Slay” policy. Their so-called “findings” are a blatant whitewashing of the Palestinian Authority’s incitement to violence.
What is true is that the Palestinian Authority is a terror-sponsoring entity with one goal: Israel’s eradication. Their “Pay-to-Slay” policy is mandated by their own law and specific budgetary allocations.

Obviously, we don’t know the entire inner workings of the State Department, but we do know there is a delay in following the law and holding the Palestinian Authority accountable. That’s why we are calling on the State Department to follow the law. 

+ + Time for you to act is now! Petition delivery next week!

I am asking you to join me in standing with Israel by calling for the U.S. State Department to FULLY DEFUND the Palestinian Authority. The Palestinians have made no secret of their determination to continue rewarding terror attacks against innocent Israeli civilians with handsome cash payouts.

Defunding the Palestinian Authority until it halts its “Pay to Slay” program is required by law and will send a powerful statement that America resolutely stand with Israel!

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In a recent Washington Examiner report, Middle East experts Sander Gerber and Yossi Kuperwasser exposed the depth of the Palestinian “Pay-to-Slay” policy.

“A five-year prison sentence for men convicted of terrorism-related charges in Israeli courts, and a two-year sentence for women, earn a lifetime annuity. Right now there are 6,500 such prisoners…

[A] simple examination of the facts — for example the PA’s institutional commitment to sponsoring terror against Israel; the PA’s annual budget; the media reports; open statements by PA officials — shows that the PA sponsors terrorism to the tune of about $360 million per year — more than 7 percent of its entire budget and 45 percent of the foreign aid it expects to receive in 2018.”

Please join me and thousands of other pro-Israel Americans in calling for a complete halt to all aid to the Palestinian Authority UNTIL there is accountability and a verifiable end to Palestinian payments to terrorists!
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God bless you.  God bless the USA. God bless Israel. 

Mat Staver, President
Christians in Defense of Israel

P.S. We will be delivering the Fully Defund the Palestinians petitions to the Secretary of State early next week. We believe that Mike Pompeo, a pro-Israel leader and the recently installed Secretary of State can make a difference within the operations of the State Department. 

Click here to immediately add your name to the Fully Defund the Palestinians petition. Thank you for your support!