Israel punishes Iran

From the desk of:
Mat Staver, President
Christians in Defense of Israel

Israel is on high alert! One day after President Trump backed out of the Iran deal, Iranian leaders decided to test the resolve of Israeli forces, firing 20 missiles at the Jewish state.

As reported by World Israel News,

“For the first time in history, Iran’s Quds forces launched a barrage of rockets at IDF bases on the Golan Heights. In response to Iran’s attack on Israeli sovereignty, IAF fighter jets struck dozens of military targets belonging to the Iranian Quds forces in Syrian territory. The Iranian attack caused no injuries or damage and was essentially a resounding failure.”


Israel inflicted heavy damage on Iran’s military presence inside Syria, striking some 50 targets and setting Iran back months in its plan to use Syria as a forward base to attack Israel. Still, the question now is whether this limited exchange will lead to the onset of a Middle East war?  

Meanwhile if Hamas gets its wish, a huge new conflict could erupt on Israel’s southern border starting Monday, May 14, when the new U.S. embassy opens in Jerusalem. “What’s the problem with hundreds of thousands breaking through a fence that is not a border?” Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar said yesterday, when asked about likely Palestinian protests.

Sinwar’s chilling remark about a mass charge to tear down Israel’s security fence and invade Israel betrays Hamas’ violent intent behind the allegedly peaceful “March of Return”–a weekly riot along the Gaza/Israel border since March 30. 

+ + Israel is squarely in radical Islam’s crosshairs!

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+ + And the weekend in Israel is just beginning!

The next several days will be a time of jubilant celebration in Israel mixed with intense caution. May 14th (Monday) will be the 70th anniversary of Israel’s independence, first announced on that day in 1948 by David Ben-Gurion.

That same day, the U.S. will finally, after 70 years, open its embassy in Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Israel.

While Israeli leadership has openly praised President Trump’s decision to move the embassy, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman added a warning:

“Nothing is free, and the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem will come at a price, and it is worth paying it. We should be prepared to pay a price.”  (emphasis added)

On May 15th, Palestinians will vent their outrage on “Nakba Day,” an annual protest of the “catastrophe”–as Palestinians call it–of the creation of modern Israel. On that day, Israeli forces will be attempting to hold back a planned charge on the border fence by terrorists masked as protestors.

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