It’s gone on long enough (Liberty Counsel Action)

Thursday morning

If Rudy Giuliani could have it his way, the Mueller investigation into alleged Trump-Russia collusion would be wrapped up today, on the anniversary date of Mueller’s one-year appointment as special counsel. Giuliani, now serving on President Trump’s team of attorneys, told Politico, “Come on! They’ve had a whole year… We’re going to raise the pressure to try to get this thing over with. It’s gone on long enough.”

It’s gone on long enough, which is why today, Liberty Counsel Action is delivering your petition to Congress calling on our lawmakers to Stop the Mueller “Witch Hunt.”

Among the petition recipients is Rep. Todd Rokita (R-IN). We are supporting his resolution in the House calling for an end to Robert Mueller’s investigation unless evidence of actual collusion is produced within the next 30 days.

“The Mueller investigation has dragged on for nearly a year at a cost of tens of millions of dollars without producing a shred of evidence of collusion—the matter it was tasked with investigating in the first place. I expect a valid progress report within the next 30 days or the investigation should be terminated.

No one in government should be without accountability, and for many Americans, this investigation looks more like an attempt by the Washington elite to destroy President Trump with innuendo, leaks, and baseless allegations than to provide justice.”

+ + Consider one additional action step now!

Today as the petitions are being delivered to Capitol Hill, I am asking you and all of the Stop Mueller petition signers to consider taking one additional action step. Over the next several hours, we must continue the Fax Barrage messages to congressional offices that call on Congress to end the Witch Hunt against President Trump!Everything you need to send your message is one click away. Click here to send a pre-written message or to craft one of your own.

Thank you for your support for the work of Liberty Counsel Action!

Yours for liberty,

Mat Staver
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. The House Intelligence Committee has already released a report that determined there was “no evidence that the Trump campaign colluded, coordinated, or conspired with the Russian government” during the 2016 election cycle. 

It’s time to wrap Mueller’s Witch Hunt up! Click here to send your immediate fax message to our lawmakers.