Liberals plotting our future with High Court takeover

A powerful grassroots move is underway that would literally transform our nation into something our Founders wouldn’t recognize.  I urge you to read below and take immediate action –Mat.

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Demanding Republicans in the Senate put “country before party” and give Judge Merrick Garland fair consideration as a Supreme Court nominee, including a hearing and a vote, the far-left activist group has launched a social media “chip-in” campaign targeting what they call the “Achilles Heel” of the Republican party — vulnerable Senators up for re-election.

During the GOP-led government shutdown of 2013, played a key role in pressuring and breaking the Republican will. Executive director Ilya Sheyman says that same level of pressure will again break the “Republican chokehold on the Supreme Court.”

Even for a majority that has taken obstruction to historic levels, this crass political play is a shameless new low,” says the 29 year-old Sheyman. “By refusing to even consider this nomination, Republicans are not just disrespecting Judge Garland and President Obama, they are disrespecting the Constitution.” 

Next Monday, launches their “ground campaign” targeting vulnerable GOP Senators by flooding their offices with phone calls, showing up at public events and more. “The moment they return to Washington [following their recess] we’ll join with a broad coalition of partners to flood their offices with calls…. We’ll make sure their phones are tied up with demands from constituents that they get back to work.”

+ + Counter’s Assault on GOP Senators Today!

What I predicted would happen, is happeningAs you can see, the Left and the media are unleashing a blistering assault to push Republicans to surrender on this vital issue.If they succeed, we could easily lose our nation!

Don’t be misled by this liberal progressive cage-rattling. Instead, send a message to Senate Republicans to stand firm — refusing to consider any Supreme Court nominee until after the 2016 election.

Go here now and add your name to Liberty Counsel’s “Stop President Obama’s SCOTUS Nominees.” The futures of the Supreme Court and America now depend on the Senate blocking any nominee by President Obama — and we, the people, electing the right person to occupy the White House in the November election. With the left aggressively working to undermine GOP resistance, I’m calling on every member of our team to take immediate action to counter their efforts. Don’t delay, send a powerful message to key Senators by going here now.

Thank you for taking immediate action on this critical, all-important issue!

Confirmation of a Barack Obama nominee could devastate our Constitution, our nation, and our culture. To ensure this doesn’t happen, take immediate action with us today!


God bless you,Mathew Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. In an email to their people, writes, “For the first time in decades, liberals could hold a majority on the Supreme Court — with sweeping and profound implications for the lives of every single American. We simply cannot let this opportunity slip though our fingers. Join us.”

This is what we are up against. That is why I must hear from you as soon as possible. Go here now to help.