Liberty Counsel doesn’t cry “wolf!”

There are times when getting straight to the point is the most effective communication. We don't cry "wolf." Today Liberty Counsel is facing an urgent financial need.

While January is often a low revenue month for many non-profit organizations, this year it is the most challenging month we've seen in years.

Right now, Liberty Counsel's legal team is engaged in several critical legal battles in defense of liberty, life, and family against well-funded radical groups. We fully expect to win these battles, but our ability to fight back is being hampered by financial constraints. As you know, we don't charge our clients for representation.
I URGENTLY need your help right now.

As I've written in prior messages, these first few weeks of the new year have left us with a serious budgetary SHORTFALL! In fact, we need $20,000 today and $35,000 in the next week to meet our commitments and see that our legal team is equipped for these increasing battles.

There is some good news: A dear friend of this ministry has committed a $50,000 Challenge Grant — but we must match this generous commitment dollar-for-dollar to maximize this Challenge and meet our goal. And on top of this Challenge Grant, we received word last Friday that an additional $25,000 Challenge Grant has been pledged – but we must raise the amount in order to receive the grant. Please help us raise $75,000 to match these grants and get 2018 off on a better financial path!


The impact of every dollar you donate to this $75,000 "Give Me Liberty" Challenge Grant will effectively be doubled — until we reach the goal.

Please consider making your best possible tax-deductible gift today. And, as always, thank you for your prayers and financial support.

Yours for Liberty,

Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel