Liberty Counsel Premiers Its First Feature Film Uncommon

  • By Mat Staver
  • March 2014 Issue

“I walk the halls every day and it’s hard seeing what I see, knowing what I know. But just ‘cause they took out God, doesn’t mean He left! I think He’s just waiting. Waiting for the right people to stand up and take back what we lost.”

Those are the opening words of Rosewood High School Maintenance Supervisor Marc Garcia, played by Erik Estrada, in Liberty Counsel’s first feature film, entitled Uncommon. Judging by the audience’s reaction at the premier on February 1, this is a movie you and your family will want to watch!

Uncommon is a feature-length motion picture starring Erik Estrada (of The Cross and the Switchblade and CHiPs fame), Ben Davies (Courageous), Irma P. Hall (Soul Food), and Grammy Award-winning Christian musician Jason Crabb. Uncommon highlights the struggles of a group of students at Rosewood High School. Fighting overwhelming challenges, the teens struggle against anti-Christian bias, doubt, and disillusionment. Through all of their challenges, they come to realize what it means to be… uncommon!

This is Liberty Counsel’s first feature film. The film has been in planning and production since 2012. The shooting of the movie consumed the entire month of July 2013, with 12 to 16 hour days and over 350 combined cast, crew, and extras. Post-production and editing took six months, leading up to the red carpet premier on February 1 of this year. The audience response has been very positive and this is a movie for all ages.

While set in the context of a high school, the message of Uncommon transcends its setting. The young students struggle against tragedy, strained relationships, cultural opposition, and personal doubt. But through it all, they are bound together by faith, hope, and perseverance. With comedy and positive messages throughout, experiencing Uncommon will inspire and motivate you to be an uncommon Christian – one who makes a positive impact for Christ in the culture.

After watching the movie, many people told me that they were inspired to live an uncommon life for Christ. Simply put, they were lifted by the film’s positive and inspiring message. Audio-visual film reaches all of our senses – visual, aural, and emotional – engaging both the left and right sides of our brains. With the right content produced in a professional manner, film can drill home a message to people who would otherwise not be reached.

Last year, we distributed almost 100,000 of our pocket-sized booklets addressing the rights of students in public schools. Every principle in the country was included in the distribution, Kindergarten through the 12th grade. Entitled, “Religious Freedom in Public Schools,” the booklet is part of our five-title (so far) Patriot’s Handbook series. We are planning a similar distribution strategy for our feature length films, beginning with Uncommon.

Uncommon is an excellent film and can also be performed as a play in any setting. While Uncommon has a very powerful message for youth, its content is highly relevant for all generations.

This is far more than an enter¬taining movie. We have developed a package of resources designed to inspire you to be an uncommon Christian!

Uncommon Voices is an 82-page, full-color book with scenes and quotes from the movie and real stories of people who stood up for their faith and never backed down. Megan Chapman is prominently featured. When faced with a court injunction obtained by the ACLU ordering her not to pray at her high school graduation, Megan had a choice to remain silent or to speak from her heart.

Megan stood up and her Christ-honoring message greatly inspired the 3,000 people attending the graduation ceremony. It spread to several hundred thousand through the regional newspaper, to several million on Fox News, and to tens of millions worldwide in the two-hour, award-winning CNN documentary, “God’s Christian Warriors.” I had the pleasure last year of awarding Megan her Juris Doctor degree in law. Megan had a choice to be silent or to be uncommon: She clearly made the right choice!

Be Uncommon is a month-long, five-day-a-week Bible study. Accompanied by a DVD, each day begins with a scene from Uncommon, the daily Scripture that goes with the scene, and a Bible study lesson that inspires the reader to be an uncommon Christian.

A CD containing all the inspirational songs from Uncommon, including “Have Faith,” the upbeat song written for the movie, allows you to take the inspiration with you throughout the day. Without doubt, the DVD of the 106-minute Uncommon movie is one you will want to get for your home movie collection.

Erik Estrada and the production team are embarking on a nationwide tour to show Uncommon in over 200 churches. I will join them for some of the tour. If you know of a church that seats 500 or more people that would like to have Uncommon screened with Erik Estrada, call Liberty Counsel at 800-671-1776. Erik will be at many viewings and is committed to getting this message out as widely as possible.

In the face of adversity, there is great opportunity when you make the decision to stand up for God. As Erik’s character says at the beginning of the movie, God is “waiting for the right people to stand up and take back what we lost.” Join the Liberty Counsel team this year in standing up and taking back what we have lost in America. With God, nothing is impossible!

I hope you will consider ordering Uncommon and getting the full package of resources. You can order these important resources from our on-line store at or by calling 1-800-671-1776. Then, you can share the blessing with friends and begin living a Christian life that is truly uncommon!

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