Melania Trump’s shoes — really? (LCAction)

Thursday evening

We all knew that the left-leaning media would find some fault, any fault, with President Trump’s handling of the Hurricane Harvey disaster. But, to attack Melania Trump’s shoes is simply absurd.

Here are a few of the headlines following the First Lady’s deployment to Corpus Christi wearing stilettos when she got on the plane in Washington, DC:

New York Times: “Melania Trump, Off to Texas, Finds Herself on Thin Heels”
New York Post: “Melania wears her heels to Harvey hell zone”
USAToday: “Melania Trump swaps stilettos for sneakers, FLOTUS cap in flooded south Texas”

The USAToday article references the fact that Melania changed her shoes and donned a FLOTUS hat mid-flight, which her spokesperson said was the plan.

Of course, the President didn’t go unscathed. The Huffington Post called President Trump’s response to Hurricane Harvey, “Abominable.” Other media outlets jumped on the “Uncompassionate” and “Unempathetic” band wagon due to their assertion that President Trump did not display empathy for the victims.

The media has openly displayed their profound bias against President Trump by continually placing him in a “no-win” situation.

Here is the bottom line: The extreme and unprecedented hatred being directed at President Trump is not simply the result of anything he has done. Rather, the animosity is based almost entirely on their fear of President Trump’s pro-faith, pro-family, and pro-life agenda!

The leftist attacks target the President in order to undermine him and hinder his ability to do the things we elected him to do.

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P.S. Liberty Counsel’s humanitarian relief program is providing help and hope to the victims of Hurricane Harvey by supporting Christ-centered organizations operating in the wake of the storm. Click here to donate.