Mr. Abbas: Read the Bible (CIDI)

From the desk of Mat Staver
Christians in Defense of Israel

Palestinian strongman Mahmoud Abbas must think he can do to facts what he does to people.

As Palestinian Authority president, Abbas is tyrant-in-chief over his Arab subjects in the West Bank. Elected in 2005 to a four-year term, he has since refused to hold elections. 

Under Abbas, any Palestinian caught selling land to a Jew faces the death penalty. Internet bloggers who expose corruption face arrest. Newspapers and TV are under the thumb of Abbas, too.

But not the facts. 

Abbas intentionally denied the historic Jewish tie to Jerusalem recently, declaring, "This land is an Islamic and Christian land, by all standards. Jerusalem is the eternal Palestinian capital of Muslim youths; it is also the capital of Christian youths."

He should go back and read the Bible.

In response, American Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt slammed Abbas' deliberate lie in a series of tweets:

"Lasting peace will not be achieved by denying Judaism's thousands of years of ties to Jerusalem. Jerusalem is holy to Muslims, Christians, and Jews.

"Peace can ONLY be based on truth, and what @POTUS said is the truth: “Jerusalem is today, and must remain, a place where Jews pray at the Western Wall, where Christians walk the Stations of the Cross, and where Muslims worship at Al-Aqsa Mosque."

But this bizarre claim from Abbas is hardly alone.

Outraged by President Trump's decision to declare Jerusalem Israel's capital city and to relocate our embassy there, Abbas flung an ugly Arab curse at President Trump. A senior PLO leader called U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley "impudent" and told her to "shut up." And Palestinians in Bethlehem burned President Trump and Vice President Pence in effigy. 

On top of all this, Abbas now says the United States is no longer a valid Middle East peace negotiator.

This is what you and I get, as American taxpayers, for the $700 million we send each year to the Palestinians. It's time for this to stop! 

This slew of Palestinian provocations and direct insults shows why the Trump administration and Congress must take long overdue action to cut all taxpayer-funded aid to the Palestinians now. 

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Thank you for joining with us!

God bless you. God bless the USA. God bless Israel.

Mat Staver, President
Christians in Defense of Israel

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