Netanyahu: “Theater of the absurd” (CIDI)

On Tuesday, I had the privilege of visiting the White House at the invitation of Vice President Mike Pence to commemorate Israeli Independence Day. (See the photo below. I’m in the front row to Mr. Pence’s right.) In his speech to mark the occasion, the Vice President called Israel “America’s most cherished ally.” He added:

“Since the moment of their independence, the Israeli people have awed the world with their strength of will and their strength of character. And the President has made it clear: America stands alongside Israel as friends and as allies as together we confront those enemies who threaten our people and all that we hold dear.”

What a pleasure it was to share in that ceremony and see the Trump administration so strongly reaffirm America’s bond and commitment to Israel. It was especially encouraging to hear the Vice President say President Trump “is giving serious consideration to moving the American embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.”

The Lord has called Christians In Defense Of Israel to make a bold stand for the Jewish state, and it was an honor to represent you in our nation’s capital this week, as we continue to call on the U.N. to stop its ongoing assault on Israel.

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+ + Anti-Semitic U.N. Resolution Passed on Israel’s Independence Day

Regrettably, even before that celebration of Israel, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) passed a blatantly anti-Semitic resolution rejecting Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem and denying any Jewish connection to key holy sites in Bethlehem and Hebron. Drafted by Arab states on behalf of the Palestinians, the UNESCO motion refers to Israel as “the occupying power” and claims that “(a)ll legislative and administrative measures and actions” the Jewish state has taken regarding Jerusalem “are null and must be rescinded forthwith.”

But that fact is, more countries (36) voted against the resolution, abstained, or were absent, than the number that voted for it (22). Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was exactly right when he called the action “delusional” and the vote “theater of the absurd.” The Jews’ ancient connection to Jerusalem dates back thousands of years. Any attempt to separate them from the Holy City is ridiculous and cannot be tolerated.

That’s why Christians in Defense of Israel launched the national “Stop the U.N’s Assault on Israel” petition last month. We’re giving you the opportunity to make your voice heard by calling on President Trump and Nikki Haley, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, to NOT stand for the U.N.’s latest attempt to diminish Israel.

Click here or on the button below to sign this important petition rejecting the UNESCO resolution and call on the U.S. government to continue supporting “America’s most cherished ally” in the Middle East:

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Once we reach our signature threshold, Christians in Defense of Israel will deliver your petition to the offices of President Trump and Ambassador Haley. To add your name to the national “Stop the U.N’s Assault on Israel” petition, click here now.

Thank you so much for your partnership with Christians in Defense of Israel, as we stand with our Jewish brothers and sisters in the face of yet another attack by the United Nations.


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