New York AG’s resignation impacts Liberty Counsel

New York's Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has resigned after serious allegations emerged that he physically abused four women. Following these shocking revelations, New York Governor Cuomo asked for Schneiderman to resign. Within hours of the stories becoming public, the Attorney General resigned.

+ + Schneiderman's resignation is relevant to the work of Liberty Counsel.

Before these horrific allegations of physical abuse and demeaning acts towards women, Schneiderman had become seriously unhinged. He used his office to abuse the legal system and innocent people with whom he disagreed, including Pro-Life sidewalk counselors.
Liberty Counsel is defending Scott Fitchett, Jr., a pre-K teacher whom Schneiderman targeted because he peacefully shared the gospel of hope on public sidewalks outside a New York abortion facility. Schneiderman's office was informed of Fitchett's innocence by a security guard for the Choices Women's Medical Clinic (Choices) in the town of Jamaica, NY, before the misguided AG brought the lawsuit. Yet, Schneiderman sued Fitchett and 12 other people anyway. During a one-month hearing that recently concluded, Schneiderman presented no evidence of any wrongdoing by Fitchett whatsoever.

Right now Liberty Counsel's legal team is on the front lines of multiple battlefronts on behalf of pro-life organizations and people. And, as you may know, we have recently been under siege by aggressive LGBT activist groups that are engaged in an orchestrated attempt to harass us and bury us in paperwork through overreaching subpoenas.

Schneiderman was grossly misusing the power of his office to silence the voices of innocent pro-life people. And, right now, four radical LGBT legal groups are attempting to silence us through crushing subpoenas that our legal team is working to have dismissed.

We will not be bullied or intimidated. I must immediately dedicate strategic legal resources to these new fights and continue our work on behalf of life, liberty, and family like our defense of Scott Fitchett. To be fully equipped to respond to this new level of attacks against Liberty Counsel and people of faith, I need to raise $20,000 over and above our normal expenses this week

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+ + Schneiderman's outrageous attack on our client.

When AG Schneiderman announced his lawsuit against peaceful pro-life counselors last year, he said, "We are not a nation where you can choose your point of view," and that pro-life Christians "run their mouths" with "unlawful, un-American rhetoric." He called Christians' efforts to counsel women considering abortion and to advocate for the rights of the unborn "horrifying" and "illegal."
Schneiderman's star witness, Mary Lou Greenberg, is the spokesperson for the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA that publicly advocates the violent overthrow of the United States.

Another key Schneiderman witness, Pearl Brady, admitted under oath she used a fake Facebook page to spy on pro-lifers. Still another radical Schneiderman witness was Merle Hoffman, president and CEO of Choices. She said the "act of abortion positions women at their most powerful" because abortion gives women “power-and the responsibility-of taking life" so that they may control their own lives.

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Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman

Liberty Counsel